Fort Niagara

We are staying right on Lake Ontario where there are a couple cute little villages and an old fort from the revolutionary war.  Fort Niagara could not be in a more beautiful place – that is in September, I think January would be another story!  Paul loves these places, me I go for the beautiful location.

A view from one of the structures onto Lake Ontario

A French Castle structure

I did learn something while we were here and that is what rifling is!  Apparently there is a difference between a rifle and a musket.  Muskets are not very accurate but you can shoot them way more quickly than a rifle and that is why they used them during the wars!  A rifle has some fancy barrel and takes longer to load.  I learned this from the tour guide and Paul – Paul knew the answer before the others!

We didn’t just see tourist attractions in our 4 days here in Niagara Falls.  We went to a local Peach Festival where the local Kiwana’s made Peach shortcake and the high school basketball team had a dunking tank along with a full carnival and a really loud rock band.  We are not sure why they have a Peach Festival because we did not see any peach orchards but everyone knew about it and there were droves of people. 

We move on to Indiana tomorrow!

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