More family time!

We have been going nonstop since my return from California.  Paul’s dad, brother Stephen and his girlfriend Meta came up to Old Forge for a visit and of course that includes inviting all the family who still live in this area over for a family reunion.  We had a great time visiting with all of Paul’s uncles, their wives and some of the cousins.  This family reunion was a bit different than most.  This time all of Paul’s brothers (4) came and only one sister, Judy.  Oddly it is usually the other way around, all five girls and 1 or 2 brothers!  So of course we had to get a picture of the boys and dad.  For the big family picnic Paul and Stephen were in-charge of cooking the chicken over an open fire – usually a job Fred (Judy’s husband) does but he had to work, hence the boys were in-charge and had no idea what they were doing. Fred gave them lots of instructions but also made sure Ethan, his 7 year old was there to help!  Ethan made sure they kept the fire down and checked each piece with a meat thermometer so that none of our guests went home with a belly ache!  A very  successful lunch.

Besides visiting family we also were able to get in another canoe trip with Stephen, Meta and Judy’s boys, David & Ethan.  It was a beautiful day but the water was way down so way more obstacles, making it quite challenging! The river won’t be low any longer as it has been raining heavily since last night and no signs of stopping.

Today we are hanging out inside catching up on email etc.  Hopefully tomorrow clears so we can get out there and get back to all the fun stuff we still haven’t gotten to do this summer – We leave in 2 weeks!

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