Pictures from CA

My visit to California was full of Birthdays and family time with a little time thrown in for me to do some of my favorite things and hang out with friends.  The vacation started with Stephanie’s birthday and ended with an afternoon at the beach including clam chowder on the pier – our family favorite tradition.

Sipping Daiquiri's! Happy 22nd Birthday Stephanie

Stephanie’s request was a home cooked meal by mom (with some help from her second Mom, Annie!)  We had homemade Strawberry Daiquiri’s and Ribs.   I also got a little birthday treat for my daughters birthday – pedicures and lunch with Annie.  It is such a treat to get to come home and enjoy all my favorite things that I miss.

The birthday girl and me, Happy 70th birthday mom

We had a huge party for my mom’s big day.  We were working on the party for several months long distance knowing keeping a secret would be impossible.  She knew something was up but not sure about details until Saturday morning(the day before).  It was so much fun planning and getting ready for the party without her having to help and she really enjoyed the day being all about her and her friends and family.

Mom and Dad, Karol, Mark and Me

Mom and her family - a few are missing

Then it was back to San Jose and my birthday!  Wow, 3 birthdays in only 1 week.  My birthday gift was a day in San Francisco with my girls and the production of Peter Pan. 

Stephanie, Amy and Me in San Francisco


Amy's boyfriend Nick with Amy & Stephanie


Standing infront of the Peter Pan Tent, the SF clocktower in the background

You have to have a cable car ride in San Francisco - this was Nick's first!

 My last week in California was full of great moments; Dinner with my girlfriends, a walk through Santana Row, I played golf twice, saw a few friends (not enough!), hung out with my girls and tried to relax which isn’t always easy when you are moving from home to home!  I appreciate so much everyone that takes me in when I am visiting.  I did spend a bit of time at our house enjoying the pool although it wasn’t really warm enough for me to go swimming this week!

My last day, Friday was spent hanging out with my girls in one of my favorite places, the Northern California Beach!  It was a beautiful day.

California Sunshine!

Enjoying the Day

My vacation to California was spectacular but I was ready to get back on the road with Paul & Duke whow were waiting for me in New York.  I arrived back in New York Saturday morning to some beautiful weather.  Thanks everyone in California for a great vacation – see you all soon!

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