Visting California

2 weeks in California has been wonderful, great weather, lots of friends and of course my girls!  i arrived July 27 and spent my first few days catching up with the girls and celebrating Stephanie’s 22nd birthday on July 29th.  Then it was off to Hanford to visit my family and give my mom a 70th birthday surprise celebration.  It was really fun to see family and friends that I usually miss on my quick trips.  My mom loved her party and I really enjoyed my week visiting her. 

Returning to San Jose on August 6th to continue my vacation with my girls and as many friends I could fit in in a week.  Sunday was my birthday so Amy, Stephanie, Nick (Amy’s boyfriend) and I went to San Francisco to see the production, Peter Pan whch was really fun and exciting.  They fly a lot in this play and all I kept thinking about was I want to fly – what a feeling of freedom, to be able to fly!  We had a great seafood dinner on the pier, a ride on a cable car and then a nice walk along California street back to the pier.

I fly back to New York on Friday but not before I play a couple rounds of golf, see more friends and maybe a home cooked meal with my girls.

I have lots of pictures but will wait until i get home and upload them.  Slide show will follow on Monday.

loving California sunshine

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