Bald Mountain

Finally a beautiful day and no rain in the forecast!  Yeah!  We took advantage of the day and hiked Bald Mountain which is a mountain of solid rock as far as I can tell because most of the trail was on rock!  We took Ethan, Paul’s nephew who is 7 and of course he was running up this mountain along with Duke!  Me, slow and steady – I didn’t even slip!

Fulton Chain of Lakes from Bald Mountain

This is about half way up the mountain and the rock we are standing on is what most of the trail was.  The hike took about 2 hours and then we had a picnic back at the trail head.

Ethan, Wait!!

Another view of the Lakes

Fire Tower at the top of Bald Mountain

This is what everyone comes to see!  The view from the rock is pretty spectacular but then you can climb the 6 stories to the top of the tower, but only 5 people at a time!  Is that 5 adults, 5 children, 5 overweight individuals?  No one was sure so we used caution and I climbed up with several children and one dad.  Paul and Ethan chose to stay with Duke!

Chain of lakes from the Fire Tower

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