Thinking of a Book Club

Today was my kind of day!  Paul left early to see dealers and work on some computers.  Duke and I stayed home, relaxed and did a lot of walking.  Duke is always ready for a walk.  I spent a good part of my day reading a great book given to me by my friend Barb before we left California, The Story of Edgar Sawtelle, by David Wrodlewski.  A great book.

I’ve wanted to join a book club since I did it once when the girls were little. It was hard then since someone always needed something and when it was time to relax I found the TV much easier than reading!!!! Now, I have plenty of time to read but finding a book club in an RV park could turn out to be a problem since we only stay at each place a short time.  So I was thinking lots of you read good books or belong to book clubs.  Tell me about books you are reading and I will try to read them also!  Send me an email when you find one you think I might like, I will pick it up, read it and write my thoughts here. So send me a title!!!

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