Moving East

Only a little east.  We moved to Apache Junction today which is just east of Mesa, AZ.  Paul hopes to help some RV dealers with their computers and we will get to visit our friends, Mike & Claudia Sanford.  We arrived at our RV park in the early afternoon since it was only about an hour drive.  Something we noticed as we entered the area is they have such nice freeways.  They are beautifully landscaped with desert plants and rocks.  The sound walls and hardscape areas are amazing.  Lots of red cement and lots of architectural elements.  The roads are so smooth I thought our RV was not moving!

We took a drive to where Mike & Claudia are workamping and visited awhile enjoying hearing about their experience.  They are working in a beautiful RV park.  This place is a full service property complete with big time entertainment.  They are having the time of their lives and are busy doing activities that they would not have gotten to do had they not signed up to work at this place.   It was so nice to see friends from home.

Our RV park is small but very clean and has a pool, spa, shuffleboard and various activities to keep you entertained when you just can’t relax alone any longer – not a problem so far with me!

View from my patio

View from my patio

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  1. Candy Tyner says:

    What a beautiful sunset… when we went through Arizona on the way to Texas… we enjoyed the desert and all the things with it until it got hot…