Duke’s gear



Duke loves to go riding so Paul thought he needed Doggles to protect his eyes from the sun and debris.  Duke is not impressed but he wears them.   At least they are red and not the ones Paul first picked out, black with flames down the sides!


Duke with his new doggles on.

We have been taking a lot of scooter rides or at least Paul and Duke have.  Today I finally tried to ride the scooter and did ok.  I can’t go on the roads cause I won’t go over 20 miles per hour.  The ground just looks way too hard and I am not willing to risk my life anymore.  I did ride on the back of our friends 150cc scooter but I still wouldn’t let Paul take it out on the road. Eventually I will do it but for now Paul and Duke do all the errands to town and I get to hang out in the peaceful desert reading or sleeping.

We have been learning to play 3 handed double deck Pinochle with Dennis.  Before we left CA we had learned to play 4 handed single deck.  At first I really didn’t like the game.  There were way too many cards and there seemed to be way too much strategy for me who would rather play games as a social event rather than work. Two nights ago I won and last night I almost won except I buried a card and was short so Paul won.  I guess I like it!

Today we played golf in the desert!  The only place there was grass was on the tee box and the green.  I am not able to hit 200 yards so my second shot was always in the fairway which was dirt and rocks with the occasional cactus.  It was interesting but next time I think I will buy one of there desert clubs!  They sold them in the clubhouse for $1 each.

2 Responses to “Duke’s gear”

  1. stephanie@paulroberts.com says:

    Omg, that is very cute! does dad have matching ones to protect his eyes from the debris too? cuz i think his eyes are pretty important too.

  2. Candy Tyner says:

    I love it… maybe we can get our new guys some of those… very cute.
    I think the ones with flames would have been great too.