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Summer 2023, Off to NY again!

Friday, June 23rd, 2023

Leaving the end of June is playing it dangerously with the heat but Summer is amazingly cool and we left on the 22nd. So far the weather has been great, very little rain but as soon we hit Nebraska the smoke from Canada interfered with our enjoyment a little.

Things I learn on the road:

  1. You can find a walmart anywhere
  2. We often look for the same place; ie. The Great Coffee place in Green River, WY. We have been there at least 4 times. They have the best baked oatmeal but they don’t have internet, just games and puzzles.
  3. Nebraska has a lot of corn fields
  4. It just might rain anytime with or without clouds
  5. There is a festival for just about anything! The midwest even has a Testicle Festival – deep fried animal testicles is the main attraction

We went from CA on Wednesday to New York in a week. That’s fast for us but we kept to the Interstate and there isn’t much there. We found a beautiful spot for the weekend right on the interstate. The Summit Rest Stop, the highest point on I80 across the US. We actually spent the weekend at the Rest Stop as it was away from the highway, quite, we were alone up on a hill overlooking the area and we needed to be in Cheyenne WY on Monday for a visit.

Salt Lake

On to Iowa where we were doing just a stop over and then on to New York.