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Sometimes you just have to see!

Sunday, October 2nd, 2022

Driving from YNP to Boise is a a very long drive but sometimes you see something that might just need to be looked at. Craters of the Moon National Monument is right on the road we were taking and we have a pass, and it was a good time for a potty break. Well I’m not sure how I feel about this one; it is unique but the lava goes way beyond the park. So if you are just casually interested in lava like us you probably do not need to see it unless you are passing by then take a look. If you are into geology I’m sure its a must see.

That’s it! The last photo of the giant mountain of lava is so powdery but I did climb the .4 of a mile to the top! The other photos show how different the lava looks- some of it looks like giant cow patties.

Another NP off our list. The road was way too long so we will probably not have an opportunity to revisit this site but we did!

Can’t ever get enough of this beauty, Yellowstone NP

Sunday, October 2nd, 2022

We love this park and always feel like it is the first time seeing the geysers. This trip we did notice a lot of new changes; ie. the Mammoth Hot Springs area is definitely receded from our first trip in 2012. It is still beautiful but in 10 years the beauty has changed.

View of the wall coming from the east
up close, the flow is about 1/3 of what it was 10 years ago

Always a favorite, Old Faithful a must stop and wait for the eruption that comes about once an hour.

There is so much to see here you definitely need at least a couple of days. The Yellowstone River flows thru the park and there are several waterfalls (always a favorite of mine). If I hear water I’m going in that direction.

Just one of the many streams in YNP
Fishing at the base of a waterfall. Looks cold but so cool if I liked to fish!

The pools are all so different and amazing to see. The boardwalks get you right up close to some very cool sites to see. The smell often is very strong.

We saw many wildlife. Our first site was a mama Elk with her offspring. They were along the side of the road eating from the trees. No pictures cause they were too busy eating and the trees were in the way. The Elk above looked like a statue; he was just hanging in the shade right in front of the Mammoth Inn, a popular spot for the Elk herd in the afternoon. The buffalo was one of many. If you go to Yellowstone and don’t see a Buffalo you are going way too fast! Slow down, they are in every part of the park. This one was right outside our campground.

We spent 2 nights in the park with snow predicted the last morning. We woke up to wet roads but no snow. Upon leaving we came into the snow! It snowed overnight at the higher elevations and it was still snowing when we came thru.

The roads were slightly icy sometimes but mostly very safe. We just drive slower!

That was a bonus, seeing snow in Yellowstone. I am sure it is very beautiful in the winter but I hope I don’t get caught up in it! Burr.