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Not all State Parks are a homerun!

Wednesday, August 31st, 2022

We arrived at Dash Point State Park which is right on Puget Sound and they brag about their pier and beach. Usually I love State Parks as they get you close to nature and away from other campers. We chose this one because they had full amenities which we thought it was going to be really hot (forecast says 90 today!). Driving to the Park took us along the sound and it was so pretty and then we arrive at the Park, no water view but lots of trees. Ok, I’m excited to enjoy some nature while Paul works. We get to our site and we are parked right next to a family of I don’t know how many – they had to move their car out of our site so we could park! The site on our patio side is right there with nothing between us! This is more like a RV Resort but no laundry! Oh well, its only a few days.

Then the RV that will be occupying the site on our patio side shows up! He will be here all week also. He is very chatty and keeps coming around asking if his music is bothering me! The music is not too loud and I would rather not here it all day but his asking every hour is bothering me!!! Oh well, its only a few days and we have been in tighter quarters before.

We decide to walk to the beach and quickly realize there is no easy way there; walk across the road and continue down the road to the day use area – straight down for almost a mile! I won’t be doing that. We did find a trail from the campground but it is narrow, along a cliff and straight down also!

This week won’t be what I thought but we have plenty of electricity and the water pressure is good so TV and long hot showers in a State Park is a perk you usually don’t have in a State Park. The internet isn’t great but its useable.

Friday we head to Sequim WA for a week of vacation! A new area to explore.

Hood River

Sunday, August 28th, 2022

After the waterfalls we continued up the HWY towards Hood River, stopping at the Bonneville Dam and Locks. Paul loves this stuff and we can’t miss a lock. He had a very nice conversation with the volunteer who was a workamper there for the summer and was planning to travel to Mesa this winter. We felt we had a lot to share with him. It was fun to relive our fulltime RV days and some of the jobs we had along the way.

Bonneville Dam

Hood River the windsurfer capitol. There were all kinds of water toys out on the river, Windsurfers were not near as popular as the kite type of surfing. It was fun to watch as there were beginners up to way good surfers.

You could learn any type you wanted.

There were more surfers with their equipment relaxing in the park resting up I guess for there next ride.

Work and Waterfalls

Saturday, August 27th, 2022

We moved near Portland so Paul can fulfil his need to add money to the checkbook; Teddy and I will enjoy the Sandy River for a few days. We are staying in Troutdale which is just east of Portland and a world away – beautiful tiny town at the beginning of the Historic Oregon U.S. 30 Route which runs along I84 thru the Waterfall Tour area.

Historic Oregon U.S. Route 30
These metal sculptures always catch my photo lense, Downtown Troutdale

You have to register for a time slot during the summer because the route of about 10 miles gets so busy. Troutdale is about 10 miles from there. Getting the pass costs $2 and you have a 1 hour window to enter, once in you can stay as long as you like. We took the route Thursday afternoon and saw most of the waterfalls. I’m still not up to long hikes so mostly viewing from the road.

On Saturday we got another pass and took a little more time. On Thursday we saw this spring coming out of a wall and people filling up so we brought our bottles!

Took about 2 seconds to fill our one gallon bottle
This what you saw from the road. The only way we knew there was a spring was some guy was parked there with 5, 5 gal bottles!

Then we found a cute little market and bought probably one of the best Rueben Sandwiches ever. We bought it to go and moved into the waterfall region and found a spot for a quick picnic before taking an actual hike. We hiked to Bridal Veil Falls which was only 3/4 mile round trip but a lot of it was downhill as you were hiking from the top to the bottom before you actually saw the falls.

Not the tallest but definitely the largest flow
As we were approaching you could finally see it through the trees

The first or last waterfall is you see on the route is Horsetail Falls

A very nice falls and you could actually get into the pool at the bottom – Not me!
More waterfalls along the route because I love waterfalls

The biggest and most famous fall along the route is Multnomah Falls which we had been to many times. You can see it from the interstate. This is a definite tourist stop complete with a snack shack, gift shop, restaurant and a visitor center.

You can see the bridge about 1/2 way up. You can walk up

This was definitely a must do for me as waterfalls always draw me in.

Newport Oregon

Sunday, August 21st, 2022

Fish n Chips, Clam Chowder, Whale watching, sunshine, rain, shopping, bridges – we saw it all and enjoyed every bit. Our stay in Newport was exactly what I needed, 4 wonderful days of relaxing, campfires, quiet and some beautiful scenery.

Teddy is learning how his parents roll
Newport Coastline, we saw a whale hunting for food while we were there
That is a lot of colors!

Loving the Oregon Coast

Thursday, August 18th, 2022

Visiting our friends in Port Orford always is a welcome treat. The weather was beautiful, 70 degrees. We had lots of great meals, played cards and caught up. Paul talked Ed out of a bunch of rocks that we will use in our waterfall once we get back home but for now we have an extra 30# we will carry back to Roseville. That with along all the fun stuff I’ll be buying we will definitely be over our weight limit by the time we get back to Roseville.

I spent one afternoon with Peggy an the quilt shop. Judy and Peggy helped me make a quick window hanging that I’ll need to finish. I plan to hang it in the sunroom.

It was a short visit and we moved up the coast to Newport, OR.

Teddy loves the beach.

Jedediah Smith Redwoods

Monday, August 15th, 2022

There are so many trees and they are so tall!

The park is beautiful and right along the Smith River.  Teddy enjoyed the water but really wanted to know what happened to the ball his dad threw into the water!

Teddy enjoying the Smith River, too cold for me

Where is it???

We took a drive on a dirt road from Jedediah Smith Redwood SP to Crescent City called Howland Hill Road  an unpaved stretch of Howland Hill Road offers motorists an intimate encounter with the towering old-growth redwoods in Jedediah Smith Redwoods State Park. Numerous pull-outs and trailheads along the way, including the Boy Scout Tree Trail and  Stout Grove.  It was a beautiful drive that you don’t want to be in a hurry.

We had a beautiful drive and then we enjoyed a little of the Crescent City Harbor.  We found a farmers market that was just closing up but one guy was still selling homemade cookies for $10 a bag (almost as pricey as Girl Scout cookies) I bought two bags because once you ask you feel as though you should help the guy out! The cookies were good and they are already gone!.

We stopped and had a look at the lighthouse which is still operational but no tours since Covid and you can only go at low tide unless you want to swim over.  We took a nice walk on the Jetty which goes out into the harbor about 3/4 of a mile – I almost made it the whole way but turned around.  I was pretty tired and sore after we got back to the car.

Our last day we hung out in the park. We took a hike (Paul says it was a walk) since I walk so slowly.  We did about 1.5 miles and I felt pretty good but I had walked a mile by myself in the park earlier and after we returned, had lunch and sat down I was very sore!  The good news is the next morning I was fine – this healing is going to be a long process.

Today we had to leave to continue north along the coast into Oregon but before we left we enjoyed breakfast at Hiouchi Cafe in Historic Hiouchi.  Old fashioned, homemade food to order and amazing waiters.  Paul had hash and biscuits and gravy – she told the cook make it a small order and it was still 2 breakfasts!  My french toast was great with fresh sweet blueberries.  I ate the whole thing.

Off to see our friends Ed and Peggy in Port Orford Oregon where the temps will be in the low 70’s if they get that high!

Survived Knee replacement and on our way North

Friday, August 12th, 2022

The knee was not fun and I wasn’t very calm about it; thought I should be back to normal within 6-8 weeks.  After 2.5 months we are finally off to beat the heat and enjoy some leisurely time.  Paul has been waiting to work as it has been almost 6 months since he worked.

We left Roseville on Wednesday and our first stop was in Gold Hill Oregon so that Paul can get his feet on the ground of working again.  He will work in Medford and then on Friday we will head to Grants Pass for him to work.

Friday afternoon we headed back in Californias to enjoy the redwoods.  We are spending 3 days in Jedediah Smith Redwoods SP.  It is beautiful and we are going to enjoy exploring this area. We have been through here before but never really stopped.

Teddy enjoying the Smith River, too cold for me