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Paul works, I play

Thursday, April 29th, 2021

Today while Paul solves the problems of the RV dealers I ventured into Houston to see an exhibit at the Museum of Fine Arts, MfaH  of David Hockney – Van Gogh: The joy of Nature.  I had an entry ticket for 11 am as they are being COVID safe even here and I was a bit early so I was able to wander around the museum district a bit finding a very interesting sculpture garden.

                        Running man

               1 Bird in the foreground
               2 Stainless Cloud Column in the                                  background

                                         Just fun!

                                         Just weird!!!

It was a beautiful museum and the exhibit was fascinating.  Only a few of Van Gogh’s works but a couple that I had seen in Amsterdam and a few I knew nothing about.  David Hockney does some pretty cool stuff also.

These are created with an Ipad! Not my Ipad!!! and really big.

He did a lot of watercolor painting, sketching and of course oil.  Not Van Gogh but creative none the less.

The rest of the museum had a nice variety of art works.

This is based on a fairy tale and was very scary to me!

And I’ll save the best (worse of last)  I am always drawn to the contemporary art mostly because it does make you think but sometimes it is just too strange! The artist was making a statement but it just seems strange. I read the title and description and I’m not seeing it.

   Black tulle and iron structure on wheels,                                  A negra

I guess that is why it’s displayed in a museum exhibit and I have yet to be displayed.




Happy 37 years of …..

Wednesday, April 28th, 2021

We did it!  We have made another year in this journey called life.  There have been so many adventures with lots of fun and many bumps but we made it.  37 years, 2 daughters, 2 granddaughters, 8 years houseless (which no one thought we could do it, even us!) and life keeps moving forward.

Paul picked our spot for dinner since we are in Texas and he is working so no big adventure this year but he found something that had promise.

Cooper’s. Maybe my family is from Katy, TX!

The food was plentiful, not the best but the beans were all you can eat along with White bread and Parkay!  I would give it 2 stars for effort and the ribs and beans were tasty.  I didn’t like the bbq sauce and to me it’s all about the bbq sauce.

on the road again

Tuesday, April 27th, 2021

We are off again.  I flew into Phoenix Friday am where Paul met me after working this past week in Southern CA.  We will hit the interstate to make it to Houston TX by Sunday evening.  The weather is beautiful and our first night we made it to the New Mexico welcome center where it was quiet so we spent the night

The rock formations in Easter Arizona are beautiful and a welcome site to the dessert scape along Interstate 10

Saturday was another full day of Interstate driving, only to stop for fuel and to stretch the bodies!  Teddy isn’t sure this is the most fun he has had in his short life!!!

Sunday, I opted to find a better way than trudging along I-10 thru San Antonio and Houston so we headed to a few byways, a few missed turns but some beautiful scenery thru Texas Hill Country along US-190.  The weather was beautiful and we made a couple quick stops to rest.

A beautiful park in a tiny town near Killeen, TX.

This bird had just finished a morsel he had gotten from the stream. He was watching me but unwilling to fly away

A happy little family

We made it to our destination by dinner and will be in North Houston for a couple days of work before moving to Katy, TX for more work.