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Escaping the crazy virus, so I thought

Saturday, July 4th, 2020

We are spending several weeks in the Detroit Lakes area of Minnesota.  I met Paul by flying into Minneapolis and renting a car,  the Payless guy gave me a large 4 wheel drive Jeep, so that’s exciting.  I had to drive about 4 hours to meet up with Paul at Buffalo River SP.

Then we moved to Detroit Lakes.  Right on the beach in a City Park that was quite crowded but the location was perfect.

One of our daytrips was to Bemidji  home of Paul Bunyan and Babe the Blue Ox.  Its a cute town and near Itasca State Park.  We had a lot of fun exploring the area

There are some really BIG bugs in Minnesota!

The state flower, the Showy Lady’s Slipper in pink.  The flower comes in many colors and its rare to see one where we were, according to a Biker guy we met!

I’ve never seen an Aflac store!

Fun art around the town of Bemidji

Paul loves  a fire and free wood is what he is always on the lookout for.  We were just driving along and he sees this pile of wood.  He stops and the business is closed but we see a sign on the crates $10.  Thats a deal so we load up a crate full into the jeep and leave $10 on the doorstep!  Who knows but we will have a fire for many nights!  They did finally cash the check.

Tools of the trade

The mosquitos are terrible, as well as many flies but we have a screen room that is just for this.  We are really camping when we have to sit inside the screen room.

I love sidewalk, city art displays and when the include a bike I am always going to take a photo.