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New Puppy, quarantine

Saturday, May 30th, 2020

Our life will always be better because of Duke.  He was with us through all our years on the road and was so use to us roaming but last year on our trip to Florida he got sick and by the time we got home I thought we might lose him.  He had diabetes and once it was treated he was doing so good.  We returned from Europe to a happy, well adjusted puppy again but then in June he went blind and by the time we got home from yet another trip the vet was not able to restore his vision.  He was doing well, the diabetes was under control but between being blind and deaf during our winter escape to Arizona I knew he was just not the same dog.

We got home in March and right after quarantine started.  He was not interested in walking outside as I think he just didn’t remember SunCity, so we loved him and cared for him and in April we made the decision, it was time.

Paul was very sure he didn’t want another dog and wanted to wait at least a year. I was so bored with the shutdown and missing my buddy so much I started looking for a new baby.  It was difficult and I knew it would take some time but our friend Dennis had the sweetest Labradoodle that I started looking for the breed although Emma was way to large but I learned they had miniatures. I did some research and finally reached out to Emma’s breeder and it just so happened she had a litter with one remaining (not normal) so I finally convinced Paul and we went to Paseo Robles and brought Teddy home

He is the sweetest and hopefully one day Paul will love him as much as I do.  We are hopeful that he will be about 28-30 lbs at full grown.  Time will only tell all, but I am so happy!