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A little R&R on a Carnival Cruise

Wednesday, January 29th, 2020

Paul dropped me off at the Palm Springs airport where I will be taking a flight to Miami and meeting up with Stephanie and my 2 sister-in-laws, Cindy and Nancy.  We are going to take a 5 day cruise to the Caribbean.  I haven’t been on a cruise in several years so I am looking forward to Sailing a Way.

The weather was perfect, and we had lots of time on the ship to enjoy the lounge chairs and cocktails!  People watching and playing cards so also.

Stephanie and I had a couple of adventures on our stops in the islands.  We rented a Jeep and did some 4 wheeling on Turks & Caicos.  Beautiful, tiny island  The most exciting was we took a bus to a hiking spot to swim in some natural water slides.  Very exciting, a couple I had to bypass.  The water was refreshing and the hike helped with all the meals we are having.  The high lite of the cruise for me was Stephanie and I went to a monkey preserve at Amber Cove, Dominican Republic.  Amazing, I would go back just for this experience.

There were so many and they love the treats we were giving them.

After the cruise, Cindy, Stephanie and I spent a couple days exploring.  We stood in line to see an exhibit by Yayoi Kusama, a Japanese Artist.  I thought it was fascinating and definitely different.  Stephanie was not impressed!

Onto Key Biscane.  We enjoyed the beach and did a couple touristy things.  We went to a Waterlife park and enjoyed the flamingos and the dancing dolphins.

This is the beach that our hotel was on.  The hotel was not fancy at all but was in an amazing location with a very nice pool. We found a lighthouse and looked at the huts out in the ocean, to realize that Cindy and I had been here before, years before.  Neither one of us remembered until we saw the huts!



I’m loving the sunshine!

Tuesday, January 14th, 2020

We arrived in Mission Bay on Sunday, me with a cold.  Boohoo!!!

Only a couple days but the sunshine is perfect.



FMCA Rally

Saturday, January 11th, 2020

We always want to go to Rally’s but usually you need to plan well in advance, something we are not really accustomed to.  So Paul decides he wants to go.  It this Wednesday and I want electricity because I just do not enjoy being packed in and then the guy next to you needs to run his generator all day so he can watch CNN!  I emails the contact and yes of course they have plenty of room so off to Palm Desert we go!

We spent 5 days in Indio enjoying the weather and learning (spending lots of money) and getting lots of ideas for the future.  Each evening they have entertainment with the first night BINGO!  I won, had to split it with 3 people but still we doubled our money.  There was a Brooks & Dunn tribute band that was pretty good.

Looked like them, didn’t totally get the sound but were really entertaining

There was a comedian that was very funny without any foul language so Paul and I were definitely fans.  And the last evening was a doo-wap acappella group that I really enjoyed.

We also attended several seminars.  Paul learned about LED lights, not sure how much more he needs to know! He also learned about replacing the batteries in the RV so we don’t need our generator any more!  I think we will be using the generator for awhile.  I learned about taking a caravan tour to Alaska and during the seminar realized that it’s not something we will do.  I takes 2 months minimum to really go all the way to Fairbanks and Paul is not even a little interested  so I’m looking into a one way cruise so we can see more Alaska.

And we replaced the awning which was torn off in Avila!  We didn’t like the one that was there and it didn’t want to be there as a small wind gust came up and completely ripped the awning out of its 3 tiny screws!

As far as rally’s go this one was really fun.  I wish we were more in a group because the rv groups that come together have a lot of extra activities, but then again we get all that fun in SunCity.



Happy 2020

Wednesday, January 1st, 2020

We missed the ball drop but the next morning was perfection.

Avila Beach continues to be one of my favorite places and we get to spend 3 whole days in paradise.

So I don’t have any new New Years Resolutions but will continue to work on the ones from years past; be kind to strangers and yes family! Eat more healthy and exercise.  All doable but somehow it always takes a backseat.  My resolution for this year will be to try harder.

As always Avila delivered on beautiful weather and a great start to 2020!