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This is what our life is all about

Thursday, September 22nd, 2016

We are spending a few days in Port Orford Oregon with our great friends Ed and Peggy who we learned to square dance with 30 years ago!  They moved away to this tiny little place along the Oregon coast and we get to play here.  

Port Orford RV Village is a very nice, quiet park very near to Ed and Peggy with some very interesting art that makes the place special.  

This is next to our picnic table, for some reason it made me smile.  

Today I took a short walk and met Peggy at the quilt shop in town, Quilters Corner which has as much quilting materials and supplies as JoAnns!  Beautiful fabrics and everyone in the shop makes beautiful quilts.  I was inspired. Now I need to get my machine out and sew. 

We were wanting fresh crab, is there any other type???  So Ed takes Paul go down to the dock to see if any of the fishermen will sell them some and next thing Peg and I hear is they are crabbing off the dock for their own!  

Five beautiful crabs in about an hour!  So we boiled them, chopped up a salad and dinner is served.  We figure that was about $80 worth of crab and we got it for an hour of time from two guys that had nothing to do for the afternoon.  

Cold, Whalewatching and friends

Saturday, September 17th, 2016
Depot Bay

                                          Depot Bay

A planned day in Depot Bay turned out really great considering the fog was so thick when we got up this morning.  We drove the 1 hour south to Depot Bay to meet friends from our Square Dance days, Scott and Debbie.  They live in Newport, OR.  We met at Pacific Coffee and enjoyed catching up and of course the coffee.  It was pretty chilly so we collected our jackets, binoculars and camera and headed for a park to check out the whales.

The Grey Whales were feasting on the kelp in the bay and were putting on a very nice show.  Some of the whalewatching boats were right next to the whales that were breaching.  We enjoyed lots of spouts, slight breaching and a couple of fin waves.  Lots of fun.


The wavegraywhale2

Coming up for airgraywhale

Up close.  Their was one that came up right next to the rocks we were standing on.  I heard him before I saw him.  Very cool.graywhalespout

The spout

Denise and Debbie standing way closer to the edge than Paul would like!

Denise and Debbie standing way closer to the edge than Paul would like!

After the very nice nature show we headed to their home in Newport for some cards and more catchng up.  We think we have not seen each other in at least 20 years.

And then we went back to Depot Bay for a very nice fish dinner at the Tidal Raves overlooking the bay.  An excellent day.

Another trip home, moving to the beach

Wednesday, September 14th, 2016

I made another trip  home for Stephanie’s best friends bridal shower.  It was beautiful and I had a wonderful time helping put it together.  Then back to Portland and then a move west.  We are in Tillamook Oregon.  The weather is pretty nice and we took a walk on the beach near Oceanside.  The tide was low and the birds were enjoying the sunshine.



We arrived quite early to watch the sunset. (Paul is only good for about an hour in the sand!)  The above photo was taken about 2 hours before sunset but the sun was so brite on the water that I got this fun shot.


That was yesterday!  Today we went to Cape Lookout which is only a few miles south of Oceanside.  What a difference a day makes.  Today was all about the fog!

Cape Lookout SP

                                   Cape Lookout SP

It was a wet, misty, damp, windy day.  Not good for whale watching which is part of the reason to hike the 2.4 miles to the point but it was still beautiful.  We did see plenty of the banana slug



The trail was a mess.  We did a lot of jumping over puddles and tree roots.  It was an exciting hike through the trees and sometimes you were right at the cliffs edge.  The best part about the fog was you did not get warm.  A beautiful day for a hike in the woods.