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Riding the rails, again!

Friday, May 27th, 2016

Because Amtrak gave us a credit from our last trip we booked a trip to LA.   Why?  

It was a wonderful, quick trip.  We left from San Jose about 10am and arrived in LA about 8:30 pm. The scenery is amazing of course.  

Sometimes you travel through the real places in lots of small towns.  These guys were taking a break;  some were eating, some were checking their smart phones!

Union Station is a beautiful building that is right in downtown LA.  The inside is amazing reminder of how architecture is timeless .  

How do you get this spot to hang out with your friends?  Outside of Lompoc if you can find it and no one is there you can have paradise all to yourself!

This is my jealousy picture!  We have been here before and as the train was passing by I was thinking!  We should be here.  

California doesn’t just have beautiful landscapes we also produce lots of food!  Coming north from LA you start seeing fields of vegetables within about 20 minutes near Simi Valley.  From both sides of the train you see foods being grown,  but once you get to San Luis Obispo you see lots of wine grapes until you get to the strawberries in Watsonville.    Yummm

On track

Monday, May 23rd, 2016

Finally!!!  I feel really good,  getting back into walking that actually feels like exercise.  I am definitely out of shape!  That happened really fast but I’m determined to get it back and the sooner the better.  I am half way through my restrictions as long as my test keep coming back good I will be back on the fast track by July 1.  That is the 3 month mark where I can start playing tennis again and I’m going to pick up a bit of running( or fast walking).  

We spent the last 3 weeks In Morgan Hill which has been beautiful, and very typical spring for the area.  We had 90 degree days and 3 days later it didn’t even make the 70’s! Take the down comforter as well as all the other blankets off the bed,  then put a blanket back on the bed and in the middle of the night drag the comforter out of the closet cause frostbite was setting in.   

The photos are taken near our campground at Kirigan Vineyards,  where Amy and Nick got married last June!  Wow,  it’s been a year already?  

Paul has gotten out and decided on several road trips to work.  On Wednesday, last week he went all the way to Ukiah, about a 4 hour drive one way.  I went with him because he offered a stop for dinner in Santa Rosa with our friends Linda and Jim.  What a treat,  we use to see them often as our kids where in similar activities in school,  then they moved away.  Then when Stephanie and Amy bought their home in Campbell, Emily( their middle daughter) moved in with them.  So we got to visit more often.  But we had not seen them in over a year so it was really good to visit for a couple hours and catch up.  

Then on Friday Paul went all the way in the other direction to see more dealers in the San Luis, Pismo Beach area.  He is trying to stay busy while I try to wrap up the dr visits,

5 weeks ago

Saturday, May 7th, 2016

Recovery has been a slow process but I can finally see the end of the tunnel.  I trying to get back into walking and thinking about what I’m eating.  On Thursday, the mark of 5 weeks I finally sucked it up and went to the dentist to get the broken tooth (from the fall) extracted and to discuss implants.  I am definitely a big chicken and worrying about hurting again but mostly about surgery and bleeding too much.  The doctors and I worked on keeping my thin blood at the minimum and my dentist is very aware of my special needs so I sat in the dentists chair for about an hour and a half and there was no pain at all!  I came home, immediately took Tylenol and put an ice pack on.  There was never any pain so all that worrying was for nothing!