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Back to Stockton, Waiting!

Friday, June 26th, 2015

Well things have been a bit bumpy!  Thursday we returned to Janet and Tony’s for the weekend and just as we were getting comfortable in their guest bed around midnight,  Paul gets a text from the dealership that someone broke into the property and stole our bicycles off the back of our rig!  Are you kidding me?  Both bikes together are worth about $75, and that might be a stretch!  One of them had a flat tire so the theives couldn’t even ride it off the lot!

The good news is I was hoping for a new bike anyway, the bad news is the thief wasn’t so smart and cut our electrical cord to the car thinking that it was the lock to protect the bikes – the cord is new and costs us about $75.  So we need a new cord before we can tow the car, and I need a new bike!  Not really a big deal in the realm of what they could have done in 10 minutes.

Paul wasn’t very happy and wanted to return to the dealership and watch his RV until the parts arrive and they can fix it so we did stay until Saturday but then we went back to the parking lot of a dealer – not ideal, especially since the temps have been in the 100’s this week.  I’m heading to San Jose on Sunday to escape!

We have awesome Friends

Monday, June 22nd, 2015

We could sit at the dealer for two weeks while they get parts and make repairs or we can continue north and stay with friends!  We chose to get away!  Tony and Janet have a beautiful new house in Roseville and they have a very nice, private bedroom and bathroom so that is where we spent the weekend!  I don’t like to leave my house but if you have to leave it’s nice to know we are welcome ( for a couple days!).

Sunday, before we wear out our welcome !  We packed up our things and moved to Coloma where Walt and Luanne welcomed us for a few days even though they have a houseful of Family arriving by Friday!  we’ve brought our RV here in the past and this new RV won’t fit so getting to come here and enjoy the area is a very nice bonus!!!

This is very relaxing!

This is very relaxing!

I told you it is more exciting when we are moving!

Monday, June 22nd, 2015

As we were readying the RV to pull out of the Elks lodge I noticed our passenger front slide had not gone all the way in!  Really, again?  I went to the panel, sent the slide back out and then retried to bring it in!  There was lots of creaking noises and bumping along the way but it came in so we were off to Stockton where Paul was to work in the morning.  When we arrived in Stockton we noticed that the slide had slipped out slightly in the back corner.  The same place we always have had the trouble, but the slide went out without any problems or noises!  Yeah, not yet!

This morning Paul had a mechanic come out and the slide would not even retract a little bit!  Great!  It is now tipped in the hole and we are talking to Winnebago.

We are out of our home AGAIN!    The parts will be ordered, arrive in a week and then they will replace all the mechanisms for the third time!  And if all goes as the mechanic plans we will be on our way to more adventures.



Getting back to writing

Wednesday, June 17th, 2015

The past two months has been lots of excitement but just nothing worthy of blogging.  I was doing the everyday stuff that while it is so exciting to me and very important it just isn’t worthy of writing about.

There were a few highlites …

Stephanie got a new puppy!

Meet Brody.

Meet Brody.

Tucker thinks he is pretty cute until he has to share his bed.

I took some yoga classes!  Oh, and Paul and I have lost a bunch of weight!  We have lost over 100 lbs between us since New Years and I am so excited.  I keep buying clothes and having to send them to goodwill!  I big smile everytime I make that trip.  My bank account isn’t happy but I am!

100 lbs lighter!

100 lbs lighter!

I had lots of opportunities to catch up with friends.

Lots of quiet time with my girls, just hanging out, playing games, shopping and a little eating!

I even made it to the beach once.

It has been a amazing couple of months and now it is time to get back to the adventure.  On our way north!



Monday, June 8th, 2015

A beautiful Bride. A handsome Groom.  A perfect day!

June 6, 2015

happy couple

Everything about the day was beautiful, even the dog was good!  He hated the whole event, and didn’t understand why when there was all that lawn he had to be in his crate in the backroom other than to pee!  Audra, his friend for the day would come and let him out regularly.  He did escape one time.  I’m on the dance floor and I look up and see him coming frantically into the hall!  I call his name and he was so excited to hear a familiar voice he completely stops.  I pick him up, lots of kisses and here comes Audra!  She had dropped the leash and Tucker had no idea he was loose!

Paul and I have been so excited for this day and it could not have been more perfect.

Looking good

Looking good

I think my favorite memory is watching Paul with his daughter.  Believe it or not, Paul is much more sappy than I!  I think it is the weight loss!  Ask me who had more tears!

Applause from the floor

Applause from the floor

The past year has been all about planning this amazing party.  Now what are we going to do?