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Parked for Three Weeks

Monday, April 27th, 2015

We made it to Morgan Hill Thousand Trails Park on Thursday and started taking advantage of our new membership!  The park is pretty much what I expected other than once we checked in realized they do not have sewer connections at the sites!  Yikes, 3 weeks will be a stretch especially if I do laundry at home.  You have to find your own site, which means you get to choose from any of the available sites!  That is harder than it sounds!!!  The good news is we found a site that is pretty wide, with a bit of lawn, some shade and facing away from the sun.  When we search for a site we also have to make sure that our rooftop satelite will get reception.

The weekend was spent meeting up with friends, a 70th birthday party for our friend Dennis,  and dinner at the Woods with an old friend that is returning to California from Idaho.  Welcome home Kathy!

Then today, Monday I went shopping at the outlets!  Paul finally has a suit to wear to Amy’s wedding!  He has lost a lot of weight and we didn’t want to get the suit too early!  He will lose more but the suit looks really nice.

And, today I took my first Yoga class!  mmmmmmmm……..

What a week!

Friday, April 17th, 2015

We make it to California,  have a celebration for Amy, get our taxes mailed, say goodbye and now we are relaxing beachfront in Avila Beach.


This is one of our favorite spots.  The sites are tight but the view is spectacular and the beach is practically for just the 15 campers parked infront of it!  Life is pretty darn good!

Goodbye Allie

Wednesday, April 15th, 2015

Allie wasn’t feeling herself and had started a new treatment but her body just wasn’t interested in anymore.  Tuesday morning Stephanie called and said she just can’t fight any longer and so we say goodbye to Allie.

Stephanie Christmas 2013 Allie


Saturday, April 11th, 2015

Crossed the border in California on a beautiful, brite sunny day and soon realized why we love CA so much!  It’s those higher than anywhere else fuel fees!  Somehow they have to pay for all that beautiful, warm weather!!!

Paul let me loose in Tulare and while he made his way up to the Escapee Park in Coursegold I headed west!  A quick stop at my moms and then we are on our way to San Jose!

Saturday was the big day,  Amy’s getting married in June and all the women in her life joined together at my favorite home away from home and had a very nice celebration.

Annie and Marlin allowed us to invade their space once again.  They must love us cause we are definitely on the take side of things these days (that’s what friends are for!).  Amy’s bridesmaids thru Amy a very nice party and Amy got lots of wonderful things along with a bit of advice and now she can finish the wedding plans but not before a long weekend in Nashville with just her friends later this month!

Amy's shower

After the shower we all just lounged around and chatted until finally we went home.  Sunday the girls, my mom and I tried out Valley Faire!  Not bad but 3 hours was more than enough, besides I am not sure how much more my credit card can handle in one day!!!

Monday I returned mom home and rejoined Paul in the mountains.  Coursegold is just before Oakhurst on the way to Yosemite.  We enjoyed a couple of days with our friend Pat, playing cards, enjoying excellent BBQ and then we are off to the ocean!