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On the road again!

Saturday, September 27th, 2014

I am thankful for having children that traveled well!  My flights were enhanced by lots of families and babies that are not good travelers!  I saw so many children with their own personal ipad (or other electronic gadget) and many families where everyone had their own and everyone was playing on them and not even looking up at their surroundings!  All day and I finally found one family with 3 girls that sat behind me on my flight from San Diego to Kansas City who actually were playing with a puzzle!  They were chatting, working together and even engaging people around them – what a novel idea!!!

Enough with my pet peeve!  The trip was good, on time and Paul and Duke were in Kansas City with lots of kisses!

We are back on the road, the RV is pretty again (messy, but it is home!) and we are heading south and east to enjoy the Fall colors!

Home, Sweet, Home!

Saturday, September 27th, 2014

Well sort of!  I will always think of San Jose as home.  I was last here in May and boy can you tell there is a drought!  It is very BROWN and dusty!

I arrived on time, Stephanie picked me up and I parked my bags just in time for an awesome dinner of homemade Mac & Cheese, Thanks Nick!  It feels awesome to be home and spend some time with my kids and lots of friends for the next two weeks!

First was lots of wedding plans with Amy.  We got the dress!  We enjoyed an afternoon at Kirigan Cellars where the wedding will be – Great wine!  and the Champagne will be easy to consume!  Then there were the flower shops, linens, rehersal venue, cake, etc…  We also worked on the decorations.  Amy has everything very organized and it is going to be beautiful – Hurry up June 2015!

Next was a night out!  Amy and Stephanie along with Diana and Mark joined me and 10,000 of our besties!  to see Blake Shelton at the Shoreline Theatre in Mountain View.

A beautiful night in CA

A beautiful night in CA

It wasn’t very crowded when we arrived at 6 pm with our TOGO’s sandwiches but by concert time it was standing room only.  Neal McCoy was the MC for the evening so we got entertainment throughout the evening!

2014 version of glowing lighters!

2014 version of glowing lighters!

That was only the first week!  The second week was lots more meetings with friends, including a morning of water exercise and an evening with our friends Annie, Marlin, Audra & Alex, Emily and Barb.  Then it was more wedding planning with a day at the beach for my final weekend!

A perfect day!  The beach, my girls and their kids!

A perfect day! The beach, my girls and their kids!

Miss you DAD!

Miss you DAD!

We could see the roller coaster!  ( next trip I ride!)

We could see the roller coaster! ( next trip I ride!)

Tucker loves the beach!  Let him off that leash and we may never see him again!!!

Tucker loves the beach! Let him off that leash and we may never see him again!!!

I got to spend a few days with my mom and dad, saw my nephew and his cutie and my brother.   We spent 2 days just talking!!  And then mom received her new toy from UPS!  Dad loves to buy toys!

Going in Style!

Going in Style!

She doesn’t need it to walk but it is going to make the Flea Market in Yuma seem like a breeze!  I think next time I’m there I will borrow it!

Where does the time go?

Monday, September 22nd, 2014

We arrived in Forest City Saturday and began to prepare to move out for 2 weeks!  Paul will be staying in the area and I will fly home,  yippy!

Forest City is Winnebago!  The town is tiny, the factory is huge!  There is an area that looks like a fairgrounds but it is the Winnebago Rally Grounds for everything Winnebago, especially the annual Grand National Rally held in July!  I am not sure we will be in Iowa in July but it looks really nice in September- beautiful green lawns with lots of water and electric hookups.  The factory also has an area for WIT members to park for a couple of days free of charge (you have to own a Winnebago) that is very nice, and then there is the area for you to park when you are waiting for repairs!

Sunday we did get to explore town a bit and found a very creative lot of land between two buildings right off Main St.

Bike Creatures

Bike Creatures

Bike Creatures, They are right in plain site but there is no sign except on the side of the building.  We found it when we were looking for a Geocache across the street.  We found the cache pretty easily but in the hints they talked about taking photos with your favorite creature, so with a bit of searching the area we finally found it!




Not your average tourist attraction!  Very cool though!

Next stop the Twin Cities and then a plane ride HOME!!!


You’re from CA? Where? Really!!!!!

Wednesday, September 3rd, 2014

We don’t always get the perfect view!

My front yard!!!

My front yard!!

On the move again and heading west.  We needed just an overnight so we first looked for an Elks Lodge but couldn’t find it so being hungry we opted for the Walmart parking lot in Jackson Michigan.  Never my first choice but it works and saves having to unhook, getting off the main roads and I can pick up a few items while we are there.

As we are parking Paul notices a Winnebago View parked next to us and they have CA plates!  Dave and Joanna have been traveling in the northeast and are heading home to Los Gatos!  After talking awhile outside the rigs they announce they were walking across the street to a Mexican Restaurant do we want to come?  Sure.  What a nice chance meeting.  We had a great meal, shared lots of travel stories, talked a little about home, showed off our home, met Annie, a Portuguese Water Hound who was such a wonderful guest in our home and had a great evening.   You never know where you will meet someone new and a neighbor is even more cool!

Happy travels home Dave, Joanna and Annie!



Tuesday, September 2nd, 2014
The size of a dinnerplate!!!

The size of a dinnerplate!!!

Frankenmuth, Michigan, where the flowers say welcome!!!



Of course there are the gift shops, tours and fudge shops but the highlight of this cute little town just north of Flint is the landscape for me.  There are hostas, Calla Lillies, and lots of other beautiful flowering plants growing everywhere along this main street.

I like the flowers, Paul likes the boats!


In the background is a really nice wooden, covered bridge that is another free attraction is this little bit of Bavaria.

A chance to take a ride on a real military helicopter

A chance to take a ride on a real military helicopter

Missed opportunities!  We were just cruising along and found this event to celebrate veterans with a moving Vietnam Memorial Wall and they had this helicopter that for $100 you could get a ride in the jumpseats!  I was ready but we were too late in the day and they were sold out!  We could have returned Monday but didn’t because the weather was not a good.

Labor Day is the kickoff of apple season so we ventured out to a couple of cider mills and found something unique to Michigan (I think!)  Every mill serves cider of course but they also have cider slurpies and donuts.  You can smell the donuts more than the cider when you pull into the parking lots and the slurpies are amazing!  Frozen apple cider from whatever apples they are picking!  We had one from two different mills and the flavor was definitely different depending on the apples.

We have done a lot of driving around the countryside here in Southeastern Michigan and really enjoying all of it.  We have had some amazing fresh corn and tomatoes – this is summertime to me.

Heading west!