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A hint of what we will be doing…

Thursday, February 27th, 2014

2014 marks 30 years of marriage and 5 years living our dream of discovering this wonderful country.  We have many things planned for this year to mark the milestone.  Our anniversary is the end of April, but 30 years is a long commitment so I feel that the celebration should be more than one event.  We have pondered a cruise, did that but maybe to a more exotic place?  We could mark it will Diamonds?   I’m always in favor of that one!  Maybe a European vacation? The list has been growing and the first of our celebrations will be disclosed tomorrow……

How do you choose?

Wednesday, February 26th, 2014

The resort lifestyle definitely suits Paul and I pretty well.  We have been here about a week and haven’t even touched the surface of the things we enjoy doing here in the desert.  So far I have read 1/2 a book,  walked several miles, rode my bike,  visited many friends, had dinner with others,   checked in at the sewing center, relaxed by the pool,  enjoyed the spa, watched the stars at night and washed the car!  Paul plays pickleball every morning and then heads off to visit another dealer.

The things we still wish we had time to do is I would like try are  hiking, stained glass and tennis  some golf and a baseball game or two- maybe next year.  We will be leaving the resort tomorrow as we relocate in yet another area of Phoenix/Mesa.  Stay tuned…..

Resort Lifestyle

Saturday, February 22nd, 2014

We have been wondering about Southern California and parts of Arizona since we left Campbell in December and now we have landed in Mesa for awhile.  We came back to Val Vista Village today and it feels very comfortable.  We have been here the past four winters and really like the resort lifestyle plus Mesa is a big city with all the city stuff.

Not with this wife!

Tuesday, February 18th, 2014

Paul has always wanted to go to this place near the Salton Sea called Slab City .  He wanted to go there and spend a winter – are you crazy?   This is dry camping with no services for miles!  I think the closest Walmart is about 90 miles!  You have truck in any extra water,  it is land that has been abandoned by the government and people are living here year round!  I had read about it, heard others talk about it and had no interest in seeing the place and especially going there to stay for any length of time.  My dad suggested we take a drive there on Sunday from their place in Yuma where we have been visiting this pass week.  So we did!

Slab City is located right outside of Niland, CA and upon arriving at the entrance to this little community is the main attraction,  Salvation Mountain.  A mountain that has been created by a man and some helpers out of hay bales and adobe clay and then he paints it!


Salvation Mountain

Salvation Mountain

I forgot!  Just before you arrive at Salvation Mountain is a tiny building and a sign near by stating ” If a car is parked here, do not disturb”  That’s interesting!  No one was there so we stopped and immediately you hear running water.

Slab Shower 1

I had read about the public shower from a spring near by.  I am thinking a spring where you can get into the pool and float around!  Nope,  It is a cement tube pouring into a drainage with a ladder.  The floor is cement,  nature is all around, the water is cold but it is definitely flowing with enough power to get you a shower to rid all the dirt!

Slab showerI didn’t need a shower but I did want to feel the water!   Back to the mountain.

Salvation Mountain

This is crazy!  It is a painted mountain that you can walk on.  There were lots of people here, mostly like us just curious but there were a few that were here for the spiritual experience.  To me it looks like Candyland!

Salvation Mountain 3


He calls the little path on the left the Yellow Brick Road.  Salvation Mountain 1

There are even places for you to walk into.  The mountain has windows to let light into these interior spaces.  Reminds me of the Winchester House,  lots of structures without any end.  Salvatioon Mountain 2                                                                                                           My dad contemplating the art.

Ok,  enough pictures, now on to where Paul thought we could live for a winter.

Slab Community

A desert junkyard where everyone is a collector.  The area had so many RV’s of all sorts parked everywhere.  Many had full yards and some had full yards of stuff!  There are no rules here,  come as you are and live!  Crazy!

Slab community 1It was a great adventure to check it out but Paul is going to have to save this bucket list idea for another wife!




Pauls Turn!

Monday, February 10th, 2014

The California Science Center is the home of the Endeavour Space Shuttle.  This place has so much information,  interactive exhibits, three IMAX  movies and the Space Shuttle.  The IMAX movies are the only thing you need to pay for.



Endeavour5Paul is definitely more impressed with this exhibit than with an evening of loud music and screaming fans!  Neither of us will forget this trip through LA!


The best weekend EVER!!!

Monday, February 10th, 2014

The reason we are back in California, Los Angeles in particular is my Christmas gift.  Tickets to see George Strait – my favorite all time and the girls came to LA to join us!  It doesn’t get any better.  Amy came from working in Santa Barbara on Thursday and Stephanie flew in to LAX on Friday afternoon.  We started the weekend with a great Happy Hour dinner in Santa Monica and a walk on the pier.

Stephanie happily poses for mom!

Stephanie happily poses for mom!

Everyone under one roof again!  (Nick we missed you!)

Everyone under one roof again!                                 (Nick we missed you!)

Saturday was the big day but first we have to do something touristy while in LA.  We decided on a morning walk in Griffith Park where we walked about 2 miles to the top of “the sign”.


What a view!

What a view!

Even after 4 miles we are still smiling

Even after 4 miles we are still smiling

The trail was pretty much uphill the whole two miles which meant that it would be downhill all the way back!  Downhill is fine with me, Paul doesn’t like it.  I will say my calves were sore for 2 days after but it was pretty awesome to be out walking with my family and the weather was perfect.

And then…..

No boots for me- my closet isn't big enough!!!

No boots for me- my closet isn’t big enough!!!

We found the place!

We found the place!

Los Angeles is huge and there are cars and people everywhere!  We found the Staples Center and a parking spot where we didn’t have to walk too far.  What a cool site,  Los Angeles and cowboy boots and hats everywhere!

Are we ready?  I am!

Are we ready? I am!

Martina McBride

Martina McBride

An awesome opening act.  She is beautiful and what a voice.  And then after 1 1/2 hours of amazing country music,   Mr. George Strait, The Country Music Entertainer of The Year and the most amazing country singer ever takes the stage!  No more words!







You can't wipe that smile off!

You can’t wipe that smile off!




After 2 hours of the best country music and entertainment George and the band leave the stage!

Of course there is more!  They take the state for several more songs and great musical performances and then after 2.5 hours of keeping me on my feet dancing and screaming like a teenager the show is over!


WOW!  That is all I can say.  An amazing experience and the best part was my girls,  Amy and Stephanie were here!  Sunday was time to say good bye.  The best weekend ever!  Thank you girls,  I love you!!!!








Bright Lights, Big Cities

Wednesday, February 5th, 2014

I survived another outing to the desert and dry camping and of course the Super Bowl Party of 4 in the desert!  Yes, we watched the disaster and cried for Peyton although we cheered the very few good plays for either team.  There were  so few!  The commercials were too long for my attention although I enjoyed the short but funny yogurt commercial.  I like a fun commercial and most were just too somber or statement making.   My favorite commercial I have to say was the pistachio two part!  I love creative graphics and color.  I missed the late one for Budweiser and the puppy  as by that time my attention span for lousy football had expired, but saw it later- very cute.

We arrived in Burbank Monday afternoon and Tuesday was spent wiping away all the dust from our adventure!  And now we will enjoy a week of the big city!  I admit walking in beautiful nature and spending time without the lights and noise of the city is pretty awesome, but if you slow down and really look around the big city is pretty special too.   We are staying at an Elks Lodge right next to the Bob Hope Airport, Burbank CA.  I can see the bellies of the planes as they lift off as well as the Metro Train passing on the tracks within walking distance of our RV.  There is lots of traffic, shopping and noise, not much nature but I did find some interesting things on my walk.  Duke and I usually take a walk each day and in the city we look for a park where he can explore each and every bush, tree or trash can.  On today’s walk we found a Costume factory, a National Guard Station, a park and a shrine!  The Portal of the Folded Wing sits near the airport in a cemetary and is a monument to aviation.

Portal of the Folded Wing Shrine to aviation, Burbank, CA

Portal of the Folded Wing Shrine to aviation, Burbank, CA

The shrine is constructed of marble, mosaic, and sculpted figures. Fifteen pioneers of aviation are buried here.  .I learn something new each day and that is the way I like it!