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We are off!

Tuesday, December 31st, 2013

70 degrees  the sun is blazing and it is time to put away the Uggs and winter coat and get the Rainbows and short sleeves out!   Now I need a pedicure!

We left California yesterday after a wonderful Christmas and visits to all the family and now we are in Las Vegas Nevada to bring in the New Year.  Our plans are to venture out to Fremont Street in downtown and enjoy some of the festivities – Hopefully Paul makes it to midnight!  Heres to a wonderful end to 2013 and a great beginning of 2014 to everyone.

Celebrating Family and Christmas

Wednesday, December 25th, 2013

Wow,  time is flying by and we have been very busy enjoying friends and family.  I’m ready for the mass destruction of all my hard work over the past several weeks that will commence within a very short amount of time.  Gift opening begins when we get up on Christmas morning – that use to be very early for us, around 7 am, now we are thinking 10 am might be about as early as we can get ourselves out of bed, over to the girls house and the coffee made!  Things are changing, the result will be the same – paper everywhere, parts of gifts hidden below and of course that one gift that no one remembers opening and where the hell did it go!!!

Christmas is pretty special for me and I think for my family.  We have a special connection to Santa as Paul’ s dad not only looks like Santa, for many years he shared the magic with his grandchildren, great grandchildren and children everywhere he went;  he even brought Christmas to children and adults in Peru a couple of years with a priest from his local church.  One of my favorite memories is being told by Stephanie’s 4th grade teacher that it is so wonderful that she still believes in the magic of Christmas and Santa.  Apparently she told the boy that was spoiling it for her that “there is a Santa,  my Grandpa is one of his helpers and she has proof! ”  Dad left us this past week and just like every year we will be celebrating Christmas just like he would want us to.

Merry Christmas Dad,  8/15/28 - 12/18/13

Merry Christmas Dad
8/15/28 – 12/18/13

Celebrate Christmas with your family,  that’s what it’s all about!  Merry Christmas!!


A perfect day

Sunday, December 22nd, 2013

Some days are you just can’t ask for anything more!  Sunday was one of those.  Paul got up early and left with Stephanie for a Christmas surprise.  She took him to Krispy Cream, a Computer History Museum and then to Costco for a hot dog!  Paul was in heaven!

And, he got to pretend he was on Jeopardy!

And, he got to pretend he was on Jeopardy!

And, because Paul was out of the house I got to be home all alone!  Yippy!  Then it even got better as the weather has been spectacular and was almost 70 degrees and the sun was shining brightly so I headed to the local nursery and bought $50 worth of plants and did some gardening in the girls front yard!  Dirt, sunshine, pretty flower beds!  That’s what I call a pretty great day!

Now let the fun begin as this is Christmas Week!