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On the road again

Saturday, March 31st, 2012

Bye, Bye, Bye!

Home Sweet Home, Mesa Arizona

Monday evening Paul left Mesa about 6:30 pm, right after our last baseball game and headed into the desert on his way to Texas.  I headed for a local motel where I spent the evening before taking a shuttle to the Phoenix Airport to catch a Southwest flight to San Jose for some much needed time with my girls and my girlfriends!

I arrived Tuesday about 11:30 am and was quickly picked up by Annie and off to lunch at the Elephant Bar in San Jose where we spent lots of time catching up.  Then I spent the afternoon relaxing in her home and telling her all about my time in Mesa.  I tend to talk way too much when I get home because there is just nothing like being back where people know you!  Amy picked me up about 5:30 and then it was off to her new, temporary home and then off to dinner in Willow Glen with Stephanie.

Wednesday was a much needed hair restoration with Nancy (thanks!) and then lunch with Diana in Campbell at the Rock Bottom Brewery.  Stephanie picked me up around 3 and we did some errands and checked out the house we are trying to buy and then it was meet Amy for dinner (again!)  This time I said too many restaurants so we got TOGO’s take out and then a girls night at the movies.   We went for sappy and saw The Vow.  I enjoyed it, I really don’t need educated anymore so a good sappy movie is fine with me.

Thursday was a girls day with Amy and we started about 9 am dropping her rental car back and heading for bagels.  We reorganized her storage shed so a new couch would fit that Nick and Stephanie were helping to move this weekend.  I found out today that it was way bigger than Amy expected so they had to do even more rearranging!  It is amazing the stuff you can accumulate when you have the space!  Then it was off to Kaiser for my monthly blood test and a blood pressure check.  Everything is good to go, just like the car needs tuned up before a trip, that was what I was doing.  Then we were off to the mall.  I am going broke on this visit.  What to eat for dinner?  Another first, we went to Tlaquepaque in Willow Glen for mexican food.  Very good.

Friday was a couple quick errands and then lunch with Barb at Rock Bottom Brewery.  Never been there before and now in 3 days I have been twice.  There Blackened Chicken Salad was excellent.  Drop Barb back at work, pick Amy up and off to the airport I go for my flight to Texas at 3 pm.

Oh ya,  Paul had a very uneventful trip across the desert with Duke.  He called me each day and on Wednesday afternoon he said after driving about 8 hours that he felt like he was on a treadmill; he would drive forever at the same speed, stop for $300 of fuel and get right back on and drive again until he stopped for another $300 of fuel!   He still had about 200 miles to go.

God Bless the USA!!!

Line Drive

Saturday, March 31st, 2012

That’s the name of my concession at Tempe Diablo Park.  We had lots of games that were sold out and plenty of people wanting a nice cold beer for $8.00 each!!!

I have decided that I prefer to be the worker bee and not the boss.  I take the responsibility way too seriously and forget this is a fun job!  My booth was very hot, the coolers didn’t work but I had a great crew.  My job consisted of keeping all the varieties of beer loaded in the ice tubs and counting money.  Next year I will be back at the cashier position where I can chat with the guests and pour beer.

Our last week in Mesa we tried to squeeze in lots of activities.  We attended the Arizona Opry where we watched some great musicians play a huge variety of music.  My favorite was the set with some High School kids playing Chicago music!

We also attended a Good Sam Rally at the Phoenix International Speedway.  The speedway is huge, the Rally is huge, over 4000 RV camp at the site.  We saw some amazing new RV’s; my next dream home is a $750K, 45′ RV.  It was beautiful with 1 1/2 baths, a walk in closet and enough space in the living area we could have a small dance!

The Rally provides entertainment for Friday and Saturday evening.  This years entertainment was Bill Cosby and Martina McBride.  Both were great although during Martina I had to keep changing my seat because the man infront of me kept moving back and forth and not to the music!  Have you ever wondered why when you pick a seat in a venue with your spouse who is taller that when the group that come in after infront of you the tall guy with the big hat will always sit right infront of the shortest person in your group!!!  And changing seats doesn’t always work because then they will also change seats

Prescott and Jerome

Wednesday, March 21st, 2012

Beautiful country.  Jerome is a small community built into the side of a mountain.  We stopped here for lunch at a very nice little cafe.  The cafe owner caught us looking at the menu and said we were welcome on the patio with the dog!  Yeah.  The patio was located across the street.  We enjoyed watching the waiter dodge the tourist traffic to bring us our meal.

Driving south out of Jerome you climb further out of the valley and pass some amazing rock formations before entering a forest and then you break out on the other side looking into a valley and out to Prescott.

Looking past Jerome into the valley

Definitely a drive that is a must do when you visit the Mesa/Phoenix area.  It took us 3 years to get to it!

New findings

Saturday, March 3rd, 2012

We are enjoying our third winter in Mesa and finding new things to discover.  We took a drive to Anthem, AZ which is north of Phoenix and out to Cave Creek where we took a nice little 3.5 mile hike in the desert.  It is beautiful in the desert.  They have not had enough rain so the desert is not blooming yet.  The trails are pretty dusty, in fact our legs were covered in dust.  Duke, being lower to the ground was breathing in the dust so he needed extra water!  It wasn’t too hot but the first half of the trail was uphill so I was very happy to realize we made it to the top and were on the downhill side!

Keep walking! And, never look up

Saguaro Cactus' everywhere

Anthem Park, Anthem Arizona

The weather here has been even better than in years past so I have been frequenting the pool most days.

Spring Training starts next Tuesday although Paul and I have been working most of this week.  Paul is a supervisor for the stands and this year I am going to be in charge of a stand!  Not my first choice but it should be fun.  I have a small booth that in a 9×12 area we cook burgers, hot dogs and sell as much beer as we can get!  I have two taps and several kinds of beer in bottles.  I am going to be in charge of 5 people!  They better watch out!  Actually, I told them at orientation that FUN is all I am interested in!  We are in left field which is the party zone so I am expecting to sell lots of beer and having a good time!  Batter UP!!!