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Girls Weekend

Thursday, February 16th, 2012

Paul’s sisters (5) have had several reunions without husbands, kids, brothers (well Stephen seems to tolerate it!) and there are always stories to tell so I decided this time a sister-in-law should be allowed to share in this tradition.  Four of us flew into Raleigh Thursday evening, rented a car ($35.00) for the weekend!  $35 really!! for the whole weekend.  That was the first of our many bargains.  We arrived after midnight at the homestead in Selma so off to find a bed.

The party started the next morning.  I was sleeping pretty well in the double bed when I realized that there was lots of laughter in the kitchen.  Carol was already home from work at 7:30 AM!!!  Even though my body said it was only 5:30 I had to get up cause I am not missing any of this madness.

Big plans for today so everyone was dressed and ready to hit town by 11:30 am.  We were off to lunch with Dad at Applebee’s.  Stephen who owns the house we are partying in joined us for lunch as well as Paul’s niece, Jennifer.

The first incident of uncontrolled laughter was at the Applebee’s!  Dad forgot his teeth and something about needing underwear!!!  Growing up in a family of 9 I guess you always know you can find clean underwear somewhere!  But will they fit?

We reunited back at home and enjoyed an afternoon of relaxing and just plain fun.  We watched some Youtubes that Cindy’s daughter had turned her onto and then Sue thought she would share her dancing skills!  Break dancing!  Well that ended with linoleum burns to the elbows!!!

Friday night was one of the highlights of my weekend.  We all went to the community theater where Stephen is the Stage Manager and saw “The Dixie Swim Club”  very funny and a perfect play for a girls weekend.  I got to sit next to Carol who had seen the dress rehearsal on Thursday evening and would get me ready to laugh before a scene would develop!  Too funny and so many laughs.

5 Sisters

Five + 1

Once we arrived home we played some cards which is definitely a Robert’s thing!  I learned a new game – Oh Hell! or whatever expletive you choose and believe me there are many!

Saturday was spent in a way I would probably say I haven’t done with girlfriends before!  We went shopping!  At the Thrift stores!!  Yep, all the Robert’s have this in their bones!  I actually bought something, a backpack to carry home my belongings so I didn’t have to bring my huge suitcase full of winter clothes that I won’t need in Mesa, AZ.

Will she like it?

Do you really need 100 plastic swans? Wait, isn't there a wedding coming up?

The big find! Life is Good brand! 50cents!

The big question is who will get to take it home?

The winner is..... Cindy! cause it fits!

They have dressing rooms but it is way more fun to try it on over your existing clothing in the middle of the showroom.

But! will you use it at home?

Books seemed to be the most attractive find for most of us today!  No one knew what kind of books would make it into our shopping bag!

The SpyMasters Lady! Steamy!!

Nancy really didn’t want us seeing her find!!! Too bad!

In less than 3 hours we had visited 3-4 Thrift stores and between us I don’t think we spent over $20.  My best buy was a National Parks Magazine which wasn’t even for sale, it was for the tired shoppers waiting on their friends!  Judy donated 50 cents to the store and I walked out with a great magazine that will help me discover a great park along our path.

The weekend was not just a random reunion, it was to celebrate Sue’s 50th birthday!  She will be 50 later this month so we had a party for her on Saturday night.  Burgers, Hot Dogs and French Fries!  This is the south so you don’t bake those fries!  Yum, deep fried fries!

And many more!!!

The Robert’s really know how to make someone never forget that special birthday; 50 hairnets, 50 coin wrappers, 50 latex gloves, 50 Kleenexes, wait those Kleenexes are GREEN! not used – green money!  Jackpot.

I have to say this was one of my cheaper girls weekends even with flying and there were many memories made.  It was a great weekend with so much laughter and another chance for me to enjoy my sister-in-laws!  I am so glad I made the  CHOICE! to be a Roberts!

As the saying goes…. A TWO Depends weekend!

Super Bowl Sunday

Sunday, February 5th, 2012

Enjoyed the game this afternoon on our friends patio here in Yuma.  I ate way too much; enjoyed visiting; and stated the score of 21-18 Giants at the opening kick off!  Go Eli!  I think I am a Eli fan after the past few games.

Tomorrow off to Mesa to Summer Camp for grown-ups.