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Coloma, California

Tuesday, November 30th, 2010

We are spending this week in Coloma, which is where Marshall Gold Discovery State Park is located.  Luanne’s (girlfriend) home is situated above the river which runs along the park so the setting is amazing.  One of the nicer RV locations we have enjoyed.  The weather has been great the past couple of days so Duke and I are able to take long walks along the river and through the little town.

It is amazing here, cold and crisp with fall still in the air even with snow on all the peaks.  Many trees still have their leaves.  I love the seasons here in California. You certainly do not miss the seasons as they last forever!


Monday, November 29th, 2010

A beautiful, cold day in Reno.  Amy, Stephanie and Nick arrived safely in Reno on Wednesday afternoon.  We had an awesome day on Thursday with Turkey and way too much food.  Albert, Paul’s brother-in-law  was our host for the day along with Sarah and Erick, Paul’s niece and nephew.  Paul’s nephew, Justin from North Carolina is stationed in Fallon, NV for the month with the navy so we picked him up to join us for the weekend. 

Over the RV Park, Thanksgiving am

Stephanie & Paul before the feast

Duke enjoyed the turkey also

Amy & Nick

Happy Thanksgiving

It was so cold in Nevada and Snow was threatened for Saturday so we all decided it was time to head back to California on Friday.  We arrived in Placerville about 5 pm and were about to get settled in for a week with my girlfriend and her family when Paul pulled into the field on the approach to the RV pad and…….

Here sits my home for 2 days

Trying to free our home

That was on Friday evening!  The RV was stuck, it was so muddy, and it was dark so we opted to spend the night in the house where it was level and dry.  Saturday brought more rain so we left the RV in the pasture after Paul raised the wheels up out of the mud and leveled it so we could get the bedroom slide out to get to our clothing –  we stayed in the house another night and on Sunday it was dry enough that Paul was able to bring it back out onto the pavement.  We are staying in the driveway with an extension cord for power,  but the house is very close and convenient.

It is so much warmer here and we are enjoying life.


Sunday, November 21st, 2010

Our two little electric heaters have not shut off in almost 24 hours and it is only 64 degrees inside! 

A dusting of snow

We weren't suppose to live in snow!

19 degrees this am and it is suppose to get colder by Thanksgiving!  California here I come!

It’s Winter in Tahoe

Tuesday, November 16th, 2010

Although we are here in Fernley working our fingers to the bone we have a silver lining – we get 3 days off each week and are so near to Lake Tahoe.  Tahoe has to be one of the most beautiful lakes and hwy 89 around the lake is amazing with plenty of quaint little spots and spectacular vistas.

Yesterday we took the one hour drive over Mt. Rose into Incline Village with the most amazing weather.  It was 60 degrees in Reno, 40 degrees at the summit of Mt. Rose and about 50 in the Tahoe Basin with clear blue skys. 

View from above Incline Village

yep! There is a sprinkling of snow

Beautiful Blue Skies, Plenty of Sunshine and Snow!

Lake Tahoe

What a beautiful place!  Now back to Fernley and ……

Enjoy your day!

Amazonian, To be or not to be…

Monday, November 15th, 2010

This is really hard work!  This week we actually worked 5.5 hours of overtime.   It is starting to get easier as your body becomes accustomed to standing for over 10 hours while twisting one way and then the other.  And these 15 minute breaks where you are suppose to run to the restroom, grab a cup of Java, and rest before returning to your station to stand another few hours packing more purchases is just crazy.  I barely get relaxed in the lunchroom before it is time to stand back up and get going again.

I am getting use to the whole concept and able to function minimally when we get home at 6 pm.  Although the experience is less than exciting for me, Paul is having a great time.  This week he got to learn 2 new tasks in one day- they don’t want to overwhelm you!! 

We have packed some interesting things and I am learning a lot about what “OTHER” means!  WOW!!!  So keep shopping at Amazon and we will keep packing for a few more weeks!  See everyone at Christmas.

Working for a living! WHY?

Sunday, November 7th, 2010

We made it through another week.  Our commitment here is 40 hours a week working four 10 hour days and so far we have not worked that much.  Our first day this week was a STRESS TEST day where all 4 shifts would overlap 4 hours to run all the systems and see how everything performs.  When we arrived on Wednesday they had so many people they didn’t have enough equipment or whatever and asked for volunteers to go home.  We worked 1 hour!  Up at 6 am, go through the routine of making lunch, walking the dog and arriving to clock in by 7 am only to get to go home by 8 am!  Oh well, I made very good use of the day by going shopping and spending several hundred dollars!  But, my Christmas shopping is almost finished.

We did work full 10 hour days the rest of the week.  Yesterday was really hard as by 9 am I had an awful kink in my back and was having a really difficult time standing there scanning the books we were packing.  A trip to Safety and then to the EMT office and I was back on the line by 11 am to finish my shift.  Our team packed over 8,000 books for charity.  At the end of the day the supervisor told us we exceeded our goal and he was very excited.  Not bad for 5 retirees, one with back issues and all working the last leg of their 40 hour work week! 

Oh, and then we get the good news that this following week we get to work mandatory overtime!  4 hours on Monday, one of our days off.   This is great.  Keep ordering and we will keep packing!