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Norridgewock III, Beaver River, NY

Saturday, August 28th, 2010

Taking the Big Moose Road off Rte 28 for about 10 miles to Big Moose seems like the middle of nowhere when you get there and there is a little colony of about 30 homes, an old Depot that now is a restaurant until you pass the Depot and leave the pavement.  There is a sign there that says Stillwater 10 but there is nothing else indicating you are on the right road other than it is the only road!  So we traveled the 10 miles to Big Moose and the 10 miles on a dirt road to Stillwater which is a restaurant, boat launch and little store with some pit toilets!  Here is where you park your car and board a pontoon boat for your 1 hour ride to the dock for Norridgwock III.  Stillwater is the reservoir that was created when they dammed up the Beaver River.  It is huge and has very few people that go this far to enjoy it.  There is camping on the lake but only accessible by boat which most people use canoes!  This is definitely roughing it!

Ethan and David preparing for our boat ride

Beaver River is a small colony of about 100 summer cottages and a family owned business.  One family has run the Norridgewock for generations and currently 2 brothers and their families run the hotel, restaurant, gift shop. The only way to get here is by the 1 hour boat ride or if you wait for winter you can get there easily by snow mobile!  This place is definitely remote but they have everything a resort needs; beach, playground, canoes, boats, fishing, lawn games, restaurant and  a Big BAR!

We had lunch which was pretty good considering they were the only choice!  The boat ride and lunch cost the fiveof us about $100!  Not bad for us but there was only one other group of 3 on the boat and the boat only brings visitors once a day.  They definitely do better with the snowmobiler’s which I am told travel from Bar to Bar to see how many they can make in a weekend before heading back to reality!

Ppsing on the Bridge at Beaver River

After lunch we wandered for a short distance ( you only get to be on the island for 2 hours) just to see a little scenery and then it was back on the boat for the return trip to Stillwater.

The Water Taxi

And then down the dirt road and back to civilization!

Today we are serving wine again and then another free meal with friends.  We are loving Old Forge!

Check out where we are going!

Sunday, August 22nd, 2010

I have updated our link to what our plans are.  Check it out and maybe you can meet up with us!

Under links on the right side of the blog page; Where in the USA are Paul & Denise!

More family time!

Sunday, August 22nd, 2010

We have been going nonstop since my return from California.  Paul’s dad, brother Stephen and his girlfriend Meta came up to Old Forge for a visit and of course that includes inviting all the family who still live in this area over for a family reunion.  We had a great time visiting with all of Paul’s uncles, their wives and some of the cousins.  This family reunion was a bit different than most.  This time all of Paul’s brothers (4) came and only one sister, Judy.  Oddly it is usually the other way around, all five girls and 1 or 2 brothers!  So of course we had to get a picture of the boys and dad.  For the big family picnic Paul and Stephen were in-charge of cooking the chicken over an open fire – usually a job Fred (Judy’s husband) does but he had to work, hence the boys were in-charge and had no idea what they were doing. Fred gave them lots of instructions but also made sure Ethan, his 7 year old was there to help!  Ethan made sure they kept the fire down and checked each piece with a meat thermometer so that none of our guests went home with a belly ache!  A very  successful lunch.

Besides visiting family we also were able to get in another canoe trip with Stephen, Meta and Judy’s boys, David & Ethan.  It was a beautiful day but the water was way down so way more obstacles, making it quite challenging! The river won’t be low any longer as it has been raining heavily since last night and no signs of stopping.

Today we are hanging out inside catching up on email etc.  Hopefully tomorrow clears so we can get out there and get back to all the fun stuff we still haven’t gotten to do this summer – We leave in 2 weeks!

Pictures from CA

Sunday, August 15th, 2010

My visit to California was full of Birthdays and family time with a little time thrown in for me to do some of my favorite things and hang out with friends.  The vacation started with Stephanie’s birthday and ended with an afternoon at the beach including clam chowder on the pier – our family favorite tradition.

Sipping Daiquiri's! Happy 22nd Birthday Stephanie

Stephanie’s request was a home cooked meal by mom (with some help from her second Mom, Annie!)  We had homemade Strawberry Daiquiri’s and Ribs.   I also got a little birthday treat for my daughters birthday – pedicures and lunch with Annie.  It is such a treat to get to come home and enjoy all my favorite things that I miss.

The birthday girl and me, Happy 70th birthday mom

We had a huge party for my mom’s big day.  We were working on the party for several months long distance knowing keeping a secret would be impossible.  She knew something was up but not sure about details until Saturday morning(the day before).  It was so much fun planning and getting ready for the party without her having to help and she really enjoyed the day being all about her and her friends and family.

Mom and Dad, Karol, Mark and Me

Mom and her family - a few are missing

Then it was back to San Jose and my birthday!  Wow, 3 birthdays in only 1 week.  My birthday gift was a day in San Francisco with my girls and the production of Peter Pan. 

Stephanie, Amy and Me in San Francisco


Amy's boyfriend Nick with Amy & Stephanie


Standing infront of the Peter Pan Tent, the SF clocktower in the background

You have to have a cable car ride in San Francisco - this was Nick's first!

 My last week in California was full of great moments; Dinner with my girlfriends, a walk through Santana Row, I played golf twice, saw a few friends (not enough!), hung out with my girls and tried to relax which isn’t always easy when you are moving from home to home!  I appreciate so much everyone that takes me in when I am visiting.  I did spend a bit of time at our house enjoying the pool although it wasn’t really warm enough for me to go swimming this week!

My last day, Friday was spent hanging out with my girls in one of my favorite places, the Northern California Beach!  It was a beautiful day.

California Sunshine!

Enjoying the Day

My vacation to California was spectacular but I was ready to get back on the road with Paul & Duke whow were waiting for me in New York.  I arrived back in New York Saturday morning to some beautiful weather.  Thanks everyone in California for a great vacation – see you all soon!

Visting California

Tuesday, August 10th, 2010

2 weeks in California has been wonderful, great weather, lots of friends and of course my girls!  i arrived July 27 and spent my first few days catching up with the girls and celebrating Stephanie’s 22nd birthday on July 29th.  Then it was off to Hanford to visit my family and give my mom a 70th birthday surprise celebration.  It was really fun to see family and friends that I usually miss on my quick trips.  My mom loved her party and I really enjoyed my week visiting her. 

Returning to San Jose on August 6th to continue my vacation with my girls and as many friends I could fit in in a week.  Sunday was my birthday so Amy, Stephanie, Nick (Amy’s boyfriend) and I went to San Francisco to see the production, Peter Pan whch was really fun and exciting.  They fly a lot in this play and all I kept thinking about was I want to fly – what a feeling of freedom, to be able to fly!  We had a great seafood dinner on the pier, a ride on a cable car and then a nice walk along California street back to the pier.

I fly back to New York on Friday but not before I play a couple rounds of golf, see more friends and maybe a home cooked meal with my girls.

I have lots of pictures but will wait until i get home and upload them.  Slide show will follow on Monday.

loving California sunshine