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Duke’s gear

Friday, January 30th, 2009


Duke loves to go riding so Paul thought he needed Doggles to protect his eyes from the sun and debris.  Duke is not impressed but he wears them.   At least they are red and not the ones Paul first picked out, black with flames down the sides!


Duke with his new doggles on.

We have been taking a lot of scooter rides or at least Paul and Duke have.  Today I finally tried to ride the scooter and did ok.  I can’t go on the roads cause I won’t go over 20 miles per hour.  The ground just looks way too hard and I am not willing to risk my life anymore.  I did ride on the back of our friends 150cc scooter but I still wouldn’t let Paul take it out on the road. Eventually I will do it but for now Paul and Duke do all the errands to town and I get to hang out in the peaceful desert reading or sleeping.

We have been learning to play 3 handed double deck Pinochle with Dennis.  Before we left CA we had learned to play 4 handed single deck.  At first I really didn’t like the game.  There were way too many cards and there seemed to be way too much strategy for me who would rather play games as a social event rather than work. Two nights ago I won and last night I almost won except I buried a card and was short so Paul won.  I guess I like it!

Today we played golf in the desert!  The only place there was grass was on the tee box and the green.  I am not able to hit 200 yards so my second shot was always in the fairway which was dirt and rocks with the occasional cactus.  It was interesting but next time I think I will buy one of there desert clubs!  They sold them in the clubhouse for $1 each.

Blythe, CA

Thursday, January 29th, 2009
Overlooking Hole #2

Overlooking Hole #2

Finally I got to get out and play golf.  Our friend Dennis & I left Quartzsite, AZ at 11:00 am and arrived in Blythe, CA at 10:30 am!  The golfing was beautiful until it got windy.  It got so windy that on the 8th hole I thought I was going to fall before I could hit the ball.  We decided to call it a day after 9 and head home.  This golf course was in the middle of farm land and you could see/hear sheep in the field next to the course.  It was a pretty challenging course and I did OK.  This is one of my goals during this next 6 months is to play regularly and improve.

We decided to try another of the local restaurants for dinner. So far I have been less than impressed with the choices but the people are always very friendly and service is very quick.  Tonight was the most hoppin’ place in town, Silly Als Pizza and Pub.  I really liked this place.  There was lots of energy and with that comes a lot of noise so quiet conversation was out!  Lots of yelling but it was fun and a change of pace from eating at home and sitting by the fire.

Golfing in Parker (or somewhere)!

Tuesday, January 27th, 2009

Today was suppose to be some really good golf really cheap.  It was cheap, good we will never know as we never made it to the course!  There are 5 of us and we left the camping area about 10 am heading to Parker where there was suppose to be this really nice county golf course along the Colorado river.  Paul had looked it up on the internet; one of the other guys called and spoke to them but when we got to Parker no one had ever heard of the place!  Well finally, I say finally as I was with 4 men and of course no one is going to get directions!  Anyway, finally we called the place and it wasn’t in Parker it was in some other town about forty miles away.  It was so windy in Parker that we decided not to go the extra distance and I will get to golf on Thursday in Blythe, CA.  I will make the tee time so I know we will be going and I will have directions!!!!

It was too early for lunch so we got to see a little of Parker AZ and then we went to the local Indian Casino, Blue Water.  It looked like most of the ones we have seen before however they have huge windows looking out on the Colorado River with hundreds of slips for boats to park and come on in.  Inside they have a huge swimming area right off the casino in this window area complete with a water slide and hot tub.  

Looking down at the pool, fountain area from the casino floor

Here is the water slide and the fountain area

This duck was the only thing we saw swimming in the Colorado River.  The water looked inviting but it was probably only 60 degrees outside today.

Square Dancing Quartzsite Style

Monday, January 26th, 2009

I fought it just like usual but we went out and socialized at the local square dance.  As usual we had a really good time.  There were 8 squares (for those that don’t dance that is a lot for a club dance) and most of the people were very newly retired.  The Quartzsite club is called the “Cactus Dodgers.”  The level was plenty fast and a little challenging.  We met a couple that was at Winter Festival and said it was a great dance!  Now I really miss home. The most fun was watching the caller.  His name was Andy Allemao from Chula Vista, CA and he had way too much energy!  I don’t think he stopped moving in the 2 1/2 hours we were there!  Way more energy than anyone else we have seen so far out in the desert that is for sure. 

We tried the local mexican restaurant before the dance.  They had live music that wasn’t very good, the food was good, not outstanding but pretty good for basic mexican food.

 So, I guess we will be going to other square dances along the way cause it is really fun and we have been doing it so long why quit now!

A milestone

Sunday, January 25th, 2009

Sunset in QuartzsiteToday we completed 2 weeks of this adventure which many didn’t think we would make it 2 weeks, including us at times.  We did it!  You will just have to trust us that we are still BOTH living in the motorhome.  We have traveled just over 500 miles in the motorhome and so far nothing big has gone wrong other that the satelite got blown over today and so now we are watching only recorded programs on the tv until we can get it straightened out and reaimed.   Reaiming the dish will be another whole project of which we are not very good at so far!

In the past two weeks we have been camping in Quartzsite  for 10 days with friends so it still feels like a vacation of sitting around the campfire, eating way too much and drinking a lot of fine wine and of course the occasional martini. 

The desert is interesting although most of the vegetation just looks like large weeds.  I have been told that these bushes bloom in the spring and are beautiful;  we won’t be here to see it so we will just have to take their word for it.  The mountains are beautiful in the distance and when we get a great sunset the mountains turn purple.  In this part of the desert we are not alone as we have lots of neighbors but most are inside fairly early at night as it gets cold when the sun goes down.

 Sunset in Quartzsite 

One amazing sunset looking out of my kitchen window

Something new

Thursday, January 22nd, 2009

Paul has posted a google map showing our tentative route.  You can find it along the right side on the navagation bar under “Blogroll – How to find us!”

Look it over and find a place you would like to visit and meet us.  We will be getting lonely and hope our friends from home will visit.

Laundry, part II

Wednesday, January 21st, 2009

Duke and I went today to pick up our laundry and the price was as quoted and we got all our stuff back, no extra!  That is one thing I don’t have to worry about anymore. 

So far we are very happy with Quartzsite.  I was worried about getting ordinary things done while on the road and it hasn’t been a problem, infact things have been quite easy and reasonably priced.  Well there was one small glitch!  Last night after we dropped the laundry we also wanted to pick up a few groceries.  Well the grocery also closes at 8 pm!  We tried 3 little mini-marts at gas stations cause we really needed some milk.  No one had non fat milk so we went without.

And gas is 1.85 at Shell, cash or credit!

Laundry day

Tuesday, January 20th, 2009

Today I had to tackle one of the tasks that you at home all take for granted, LAUNDRY!  In the RV world it is a really big deal.  Some have washers/dryers right in their rig but they have to worry about water & propane; others like me have to go to the dreaded laundrymat.  Today was that day!  We waited until later so that the crowds would be gone and we both had a book with us; we were ready to get it done.  First problem was when we arrived there is a big sign “NO PETS INSIDE”, not a big problem as Duke likes the car and we could get a walk in while the laundry is going.  Paul goes inside with the basket of laundry to the change machine and I start down the rows looking for 3-4 machines not in use.  I find the machines and look back to Paul who has been stopped by the owner.  They close at 8 pm and it is 7:45 pm, no way are they going to let us start our laundry.  After discussion they have this really fun service where they will do you laundry and fold it for 1.15 per lb, a good deal except our laundry weighed 40 lbs!  After some negiotating we arrive at a price that was $10 over what it would cost for us to use the machines the next day and we left our laundry, underwear, socks, everything!  I sure hope we get our clothes back! 

Celebrity sightings!

Monday, January 19th, 2009

Today Duke got to meet Jeff Kent the baseball player out here in the desert!  He even got a scratch on the head.  Duke expects everyone he meets to scratch him on the head or at least throw a ball so it wasn’t really a big deal.   I didn’t even know who it was until later when I put the puzzle together.  The RV dealer sold 2 really large motorhomes to a San Diego baseball player and after he was gone I realized that I actually would have recognized the name, face but I dont’ really get star struck so I wasn’t paying attention, hence no picture of Duke getting a scratch!   Now that I know famous people actually come out here to share the desert with all these RV folks I will try to be more prepared with the camera.

Grandchildren & Great Grandchildren

Sunday, January 18th, 2009

Paul and I knew we were going to be in the minority as Fulltime RVer’s but today we found out that friends of Dennis who are also camping with us have a grandson that is a senior at UCSB and will be graduating with Amy.  It is fun to listen to these people tell stories about their children and then realize they are talking about their children’s children and we are telling stories about our children.  The stories are the same just from a different generation.  We don’t always talk about children; sometimes we talk about medical insurance, golf, getting the tanks filled with water and how much battery you are using, just stuff that is important to everyone out here in the desert.