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Columbus Weekend

Thursday, October 16th, 2008

New Brighton State Beach was amazing once again.  Paul delivered the RV to the park for the girls to have a girls weekend.  We repeated last years events only this time we were much tamer as we only hit 3 winery’s and didn’t even indulge at all of them.  The weather on the California coast is beautiful this time of year and from the bluff you could see all the way to Monterey.  Saturday night was pretty exciting as we crashed the charity event at Seacliff and enjoyed the music of Joe Sharino and the fireworks while I watched over my shoulder for the ranger to kick me out as I had the only dog out of 30,000 people!!!  Duke was perfect as we are coming to expect.  He slept on the blanket and only barked once right when we arrived.  When the fireworks started he looked up and I am sure he was watching with the same amazement as the people were! 

Sunday was another day of enjoying the beach weather and the girls took me to Aldo’s for dinner right on the harbor with an amazing view – Fish taco’s are especially good here.  After dinner the girls packed up to return to the Valley and work.  Paul came back and we spent two more days lazing in the campground. 

Sunday evening being the social guy Paul is he met and invited 3 college grads to join us at the fire of our friends, Ed & Barbara.  These kids had just finished college and decided while working in YellowStone Park this summer to do a bike trip from Canada to Mexico along the Pacific Coast!  Sounds pretty exciting but I prefer the comfort of my Winnebago, thanks anyway.