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Taking a giant step forward

Saturday, March 29th, 2008

Selling everything and moving into the RV is what Paul and I have been working toward since buying the RV last summer and it seems we are taking the next step.  April 27, 2008 we will be renting our home in San Jose and moving to the home in Stockton that Paul has been living in for the past 2 years.  I will continue to work in San Jose and doing what Paul has been doing for more than 5 years of commuting to my job over 80 miles per day.  Its my turn now to live here and there!!  I will stay with friends in San Jose some nights so that I don’t have to commute everyday.  This is all very exciting, scary and stressful all at the same time.  I am sure by the middle of May I will be really happy.  Living in Stockton and not having to take care of the big house will give us a lot more weekends to get out and enjoy the RV and life.

Calistoga Wine Country

Friday, March 7th, 2008

Rain can’t stop this group.  We arrived on Friday afternoon and happy hour was already underway.  We had 7 rigs, 15 people and  6 dogs (or was it 16 dogs!  They are all small except for Ginger but they sure seemed like more sometimes)  Actually they were all really good and since the campground was empty they were allowed to play off leash and play fetch whenever Duke could get someone to fling that stupid little ball.  The rain was brutal Saturday and Sunday so we made the best of it under the provided cover and had ourselves a party. 

Lunch on Saturday included a weenie roast and champagne!  Saturday evening was our planned Italian Dinner.  We had been out in the cold all day so we set up our dining in the Avis’s rig – yep, 15 adults all sitting at tables inside a 5v’er having a wonderful  5  course dinner.  It was quit cozy.

Saturday night the rain was amazing and most rigs had some sort of leak the next morning. 

Sunday morning we had planned a big breakfast of breakfast burritos and Pauls famous fruit salad.  As we were preparing the food the rain returned so we had to move inside again.  This time we put all 15 of us in our new motorhome – Paul was as nervous as a first time daddy!  Duke loved all the attention.  The rain just would not give up so some of us girls talked Ed into being our designated driver and we did some wine tasting.  No dinner Sunday night!!!

We got lucky and it was beautiful on Monday.  Golfing was fun especially watching the ball just die in a puddle.  Tuesday morning was just as nice as Monday but everyone needed to get somewhere. 

Paul and I were the last to leave Calistoga and good thing cause I got to drive finally!  I made it to Napa and said “ok, thats fun”  Back to navigating and sleeping!

The gang