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Winter Festival – King City, CA

Tuesday, January 22nd, 2008

Ah, Square Dancing again.  Paul talked me into going to the weekend and I have to admit I had a great time.  Dancing is always so much fun with this group.  I had not danced in awhile so we stayed in the plus hall.  After only a few tips we were helping others get through!!! 

We pulled into the Fairgrounds Friday night and were directed to our spot!  Paul put me in the drivers seat and said “Put it there!”  The photo speaks for its self! 

Parallel Parking1

Yep, that's us in the middle.

Parallel Parking 2

We had a quiet dinner and I am sure people were afraid to knock as they probably figured we were still discussing why Paul would think I could do something like that!!! I was sure we would never do it.   To everyones surprise (especially mine) there was no arguing and we got it in on the first try. 

Later Friday evening we had a private party in our spacious rig!  We had about 20 people over for drinks, jokes and friendship.  Paul was stressed as he didn’t think we would all fit.  I think he was worried about exceeding the GVWR!  I have pictures but I couldn’t get several parties to sign the no fault waiver – you will just have to use your imagination.