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Another one bites the dust!

Thursday, August 9th, 2012

I spent my 56th (Kip says it is 57, but that is another story!) in Fargo North Dakota at a less than beautiful RV park.  The Days Inn motel, RV park, daycare center, pub & 24 hour restaurant was where I woke up on my birthday. We had a tee time and then the rain started about midnight and didn’t let up until about 10 am so we slept in and Paul bought me breakfast in the diner.  We had no other plans so we are relaxing in our RV, searching the web for something to do in Fargo, ND!  They have the original wood chipper from the movie at the visitors center and that was about it!  Opting to skip that we decided we would try golf in the afternoon and hope it wasn’t too muddy.

We hit the course which was a pretty nice, flat 9 hole course.  Flat!  North Dakota is pretty flat!  Golf was nice other than the drunks in front of us that would not speed up, couldn’t hit their balls and had to discuss every swing, and when we asked to play through they said NO!  Who says no to that????  Anyway we played 9 holes in about 2 1/2 hours and were off for a birthday dinner at the local Mexican restaurant with Margarita’s.  The food was very average, margarita’s cold, service pretty good but the dessert was excellent!  Thanks for dinner Kip & Pat.

Fields of bright yellow sunflowers

The scenery is not much, lots of farmland with more corn and soybeans with the occasional wetland and sunflowers!  Today we drove from Fargo towards Bismark along the interstate and there was actually more sunflowers than corn or soybeans!

Why are the all facing the same way? I know!

There are also a lot of wetlands and I saw plenty of swans and other water fowl swimming right along the interstate but that is just too hard to photograph at 60 miles per hour!  We are off to South Dakota tomorrow to claim another sticker on our states visited in the RV.