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And so it continues!

Tuesday, August 1st, 2017

We bought a Sticks and Bricks house but Paul still needed his RV and I wasn’t ready to stop exploring all the cool corners of the USA so we bought a 19′  Roadtrek!  Yep you read that right! 19 whole feet!  My bedroom in the last RV was bigger than that.  We have a toilet, shower, queen bed, 2 burner stove a refrigerator and a closet!  Everything you need! Or so it seems!  It’s a very nice 1 man RV but pretty cozy for 2 and a dog.

includes: frigerator, bed, closet, pantry, toilet, shower, stove, microwave!

Includes: Refrigerator, bed, closet, pantry, toilet, shower, stove, microwave!

We took our first trip, a two night stay in Yosemite.  Yosemite was beautiful and the RV did its job.

Our next adventure was to Port Orford Oregon.  Paul went a week early and I joined him via our friends here in the compound (that’s what I call Sun City Roseville). That worked out pretty well as we were only sleeping in it as our friends Ed and Peggy have a beautiful home right there to host us.

Paul has been on a couple trips by himself which is the main purpose of it being so small ( I think!). Sometimes I think it is a test!

Our big adventure started the end of July.  Paul left by himself with Duke.  I’m sure after a day or two of endless driving across country Duke was thinking ‘ how come I have to go with him’!  Anyway the plan was for Paul to drive across country working and I would fly and meet him!  After all he is the one that lives to drive.  Stephanie, our youngest daughter and I flew to Boston and had a fabulous time for 5 days before Paul met us in Salem.  Salem, now that’s an interesting story!  Paul picked us up at the ferry and dropped us in town while he visited another customer.  We had lunch and then took a hop on hop off tour!  The plan was to ride it the loop and then go back to the sites we wanted, well we got the guy who usually does the ferry transfers and he loved to talk.  What was suppose to be a 40 minute ride was 2 hours.  Our ears were so tired that we just sat in the park and said” what was that?”  We did make it to see the house that Nathan Hawthorne’s book The House of Seven Gables is written about.  That’s an interesting story.  He never lived there, his friends sister or aunt lived there.

Paul picked us up after our afternoon and we headed north.  The plan was to return to a couple of the spots from our last trip to the northeast and we did.  First stop that evening was The Clam Shack in New Hampshire.  This new RV has only 2 seats so Stephanie co-piloted and Duke and I layed on the bed.

We found the clam shack where last time I had the best scallops I have ever had!  We had them again and they were amazing!  I would move here if I thought I could eat those as much as I wanted.  Not really because…..

So far so good!  We head a bit further north to get near Salisbury where we will have our first lobster.  We find a campground where Paul and Stephanie set up her tent!  And now the real east appears!  The mosquitos are in full force!  Where did I put the bug spray!  And that is where the adventure gets interesting.

Sometimes you are just in the wrong place

Sunday, June 10th, 2012

Our little caravan is traveling on I95 through New Hampshire heading to Maine and I am relaxing in the passenger seat.  Suddenly Paul yells “whoa”  and I look up to see a deer in the lane next to ours heading our way.  We are speeding along, all 50+ feet of us at 55 miles per hour and a deer decides he can cross 6 lanes of speeding cars.  The problem for him is when he comes across the side of our RV and he realizes that there is no where to go and he decides he will jump!  That didn’t work out very well for him or the side of our home.  The damage is not too severe however it will probably cost a bundle as we will have to replace 4 of our bay doors and a large piece of trim.  The deer was less fortunate.

Where everyone knows your name!

Saturday, June 9th, 2012

Boston is Fenway Park and baseball, Paul Revere and the Old North Church, the Charles River, Boston Tea Party, million dollar homes lining Boston Common and of course CHEERS!  We only had one day we wanted to devote to downtown Boston so we chose to ride the DUCK and get the quick view of all the major sites.

Our Duck

Into the Charles River

Ducks on the river

Our tour was great and our driver Ace was very entertaining and informative.  We learned lots about the history of the city and even got to see some 21st century police action along our tour route!

We are not sure what the crime was but we think it was a shooting because there was lots of evidence markers and later we walked to the area and they were power washing the sidewalks in front of the bank.

After our tour we finally had some clear skies so we decided to walk to Faneuil Hall and Quincy Market where you can shop for just about anything you can imagine.  A quick bit to eat and we were off walking again.   Boston Common is a beautiful park right where all the action is as well as these amazing homes that go for about a million each.

And then we came across this little gem.

Where everyone knows your name!

We did stop in for a beer and although they did not know our names the staff was all very friendly and the beer was great.


Lobster $9.99 a pound!

Wednesday, June 6th, 2012

That’s isn’t even a bargain!

No, I am not naming him!

It’s not fancy dining and the napkins are not linen but you will need plenty of them!

Less than $50! Dinner for 3!

New England so far I think one of my favorite places although it is pretty rainy while we are here.  The skies are so blue, the seafood is spectacular.  My favorite so far was our stop at a local Clam Shack in Ipswich where we had fried scallops and clams.  I don’t even like my fish fried but they were amazing!

Picnic tables and fabulous seafood

We are here for 6 nights and we ate  fresh seafood 4 times!  Our most expensive dinner was the lobster.  New England is not only great seafood, cheap they also have some amazing coastline.  We are on the coast and there are so many cute little villages and amazing scenery here.

Rockport, MA

Waiting for her sailor to come in!

New Hampshire Coastline

And then there are the huge summer homes of the wealthy from New York City!

They could have a 9 hole golf course in their front yard! And all of this is oceanfront!

And then my favorite spot so far on the New England coast is from New Castle, NH which is a tiny “Rich” island off of Portsmouth (pronounced Portsmoth)! looking over to Maine!  We had a picnic lunch here with a nice man that shared all about the wealth here in New Castle.

New Castle, NH

Boston tomorrow!