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Elkhart Indiana

Sunday, September 19th, 2010

Trailer Capitol, RV Hall of Fame, Amish Country, small towns, friendly people, apple festivals, roadside stands, pit chicken & potatoes and some beautiful country homes can all be found here in Elkhart Indiana.   We have bought squash, apple butter, popcorn and salsa from a roadside fruitstand, tasted some great apple cider, followed a horsedrawn buggie, dodged bicycles on country roads and watched a 5th wheel trailer being built all within 15 miles of our campground here in Elkhart.  

We went to Carriage Trailers to take their factory tour and were met by the most friendly young lady who couldn’t be 30 years old but she knew everything about the factory, the assembly line and RV’s.

The beginnings of a 5th wheel home on wheels

walls and cabinets


Then we went to Newmar and saw how motorhomes are being built.  The tours are free but you want to buy a new one after because they are putting such cool features in them that you think you just might need to have.

This is how a motorhome starts out

wall and cabinets

lots of wires

All done

At both factories, people on the tours were there to see how the units were being built –  Me!  I don’t really care how it is built, it just needs to have plenty of counter space in the kitchen and a good bathroom!!

We got to do another musuem- The RV Museum.  Wow, the first RV’s were barely a tent in a trailer on wheels!

Just a bed on wheels

Thats class!

Indiana has been fun but now it is time to move Westward! 

From 55 miles per hour on the interstate-Ohio