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Hood River

Sunday, August 28th, 2022

After the waterfalls we continued up the HWY towards Hood River, stopping at the Bonneville Dam and Locks. Paul loves this stuff and we can’t miss a lock. He had a very nice conversation with the volunteer who was a workamper there for the summer and was planning to travel to Mesa this winter. We felt we had a lot to share with him. It was fun to relive our fulltime RV days and some of the jobs we had along the way.

Bonneville Dam

Hood River the windsurfer capitol. There were all kinds of water toys out on the river, Windsurfers were not near as popular as the kite type of surfing. It was fun to watch as there were beginners up to way good surfers.

You could learn any type you wanted.

There were more surfers with their equipment relaxing in the park resting up I guess for there next ride.

Work and Waterfalls

Saturday, August 27th, 2022

We moved near Portland so Paul can fulfil his need to add money to the checkbook; Teddy and I will enjoy the Sandy River for a few days. We are staying in Troutdale which is just east of Portland and a world away – beautiful tiny town at the beginning of the Historic Oregon U.S. 30 Route which runs along I84 thru the Waterfall Tour area.

Historic Oregon U.S. Route 30
These metal sculptures always catch my photo lense, Downtown Troutdale

You have to register for a time slot during the summer because the route of about 10 miles gets so busy. Troutdale is about 10 miles from there. Getting the pass costs $2 and you have a 1 hour window to enter, once in you can stay as long as you like. We took the route Thursday afternoon and saw most of the waterfalls. I’m still not up to long hikes so mostly viewing from the road.

On Saturday we got another pass and took a little more time. On Thursday we saw this spring coming out of a wall and people filling up so we brought our bottles!

Took about 2 seconds to fill our one gallon bottle
This what you saw from the road. The only way we knew there was a spring was some guy was parked there with 5, 5 gal bottles!

Then we found a cute little market and bought probably one of the best Rueben Sandwiches ever. We bought it to go and moved into the waterfall region and found a spot for a quick picnic before taking an actual hike. We hiked to Bridal Veil Falls which was only 3/4 mile round trip but a lot of it was downhill as you were hiking from the top to the bottom before you actually saw the falls.

Not the tallest but definitely the largest flow
As we were approaching you could finally see it through the trees

The first or last waterfall is you see on the route is Horsetail Falls

A very nice falls and you could actually get into the pool at the bottom – Not me!
More waterfalls along the route because I love waterfalls

The biggest and most famous fall along the route is Multnomah Falls which we had been to many times. You can see it from the interstate. This is a definite tourist stop complete with a snack shack, gift shop, restaurant and a visitor center.

You can see the bridge about 1/2 way up. You can walk up

This was definitely a must do for me as waterfalls always draw me in.

Newport Oregon

Sunday, August 21st, 2022

Fish n Chips, Clam Chowder, Whale watching, sunshine, rain, shopping, bridges – we saw it all and enjoyed every bit. Our stay in Newport was exactly what I needed, 4 wonderful days of relaxing, campfires, quiet and some beautiful scenery.

Teddy is learning how his parents roll
Newport Coastline, we saw a whale hunting for food while we were there
That is a lot of colors!

Loving the Oregon Coast

Thursday, August 18th, 2022

Visiting our friends in Port Orford always is a welcome treat. The weather was beautiful, 70 degrees. We had lots of great meals, played cards and caught up. Paul talked Ed out of a bunch of rocks that we will use in our waterfall once we get back home but for now we have an extra 30# we will carry back to Roseville. That with along all the fun stuff I’ll be buying we will definitely be over our weight limit by the time we get back to Roseville.

I spent one afternoon with Peggy an the quilt shop. Judy and Peggy helped me make a quick window hanging that I’ll need to finish. I plan to hang it in the sunroom.

It was a short visit and we moved up the coast to Newport, OR.

Teddy loves the beach.

Survived Knee replacement and on our way North

Friday, August 12th, 2022

The knee was not fun and I wasn’t very calm about it; thought I should be back to normal within 6-8 weeks.  After 2.5 months we are finally off to beat the heat and enjoy some leisurely time.  Paul has been waiting to work as it has been almost 6 months since he worked.

We left Roseville on Wednesday and our first stop was in Gold Hill Oregon so that Paul can get his feet on the ground of working again.  He will work in Medford and then on Friday we will head to Grants Pass for him to work.

Friday afternoon we headed back in Californias to enjoy the redwoods.  We are spending 3 days in Jedediah Smith Redwoods SP.  It is beautiful and we are going to enjoy exploring this area. We have been through here before but never really stopped.

Teddy enjoying the Smith River, too cold for me


Trying to stay safe and travel, Oregon

Tuesday, August 25th, 2020

Just as the fires were starting we headed north.  We are on our way to Montana, Idaho to relax and of course Paul will get in a small amount of work.  The weather was perfect for us and we spent several days in eastern Oregon, staying at a forestry campground for $3 with our Golden Age Pass!  Cant beat that and we had the place to ourselves

10 sites along a gravel road and you can’t see the next site, plus no one was there!

Then we moved north because we need to get into Idaho soon.  We could have stayed but too much of a good thing….

wildlife right in the campsite, no concerns about me

So far no forest fires or smoke.  We are staying ahead of the CA fires.






Parades down 101, Golf, Cosmos, Girls day out, Great food and Forever Friends

Monday, July 8th, 2019

This is our 3rd annual 4th of July get together in Port Orford.  We have all been there other times but this is starting to shape up to a tradition!  Always a great time, 5 couples that all met 35 years ago when we started square dancing!  The Kings are the last to join the group so only 20 years with them and now we are neighbors.  We all started in San Jose and now none of us lives there anymore.  This group has followed us around the country from Oregon to Maine and places in between.

This year was no different than the other two other than no one got sick this year.  There was too much laughter and enough food we need more couples to join us so I can quite gaining weight!  That’s another story for another time.  This year we added something we use to enjoy on camp outs, darts!  Eddie put together a tournament and the final 2 were the Kings!  How fair is that?

Eddie cooking for the crew


Paul and Kip in the buffet line


We had amazing weather this week! Eddie, Dennis and Kip taking in some sunshine


Sunshine and Cocktails, Pat is enjoying both


Paul giving tech support to our Hostess, Peggy


Thanks to everyone for an awesome week again!
See you next year!


Our first Trip

Sunday, June 30th, 2019

We are back in the saddle again!  Paul left Roseville on Thursday and I will catch up with him Friday afternoon in the car; Just like the Full time days we will be heading north, visiting friends, working a little and enjoying the country once again.  This trip is our first in our new Jayco Melbourne Prestige.

Finding Paul is like hitting a moving target.  I left Roseville about 11 am and met up with him just north of Ukiah along the highway.  I missed the exit but the good news is we had great cell service so I took the next exit and he caught up to me.  We hitched the car up, had a little lunch and headed north into the redwoods.

About 4 pm we pulled into Richardson Grove and they had a great spot for one night!  That’s all we need.  The campground was full but by 8 pm all was quiet and I thoroughly enjoyed falling asleep in the dark of the forest.

The RV handled the windy road great and towing the car went smoothly until we stopped for the night in Humbug State Park near where we will spend a week with friends in Port Orford Oregon.  We found a site that would work for the one night and got out to unhook the car, dead battery!  Hmmm, thought we had gotten that all fixed up, apparently not.  So on to plan B.  We called our destination in Port Orford to see if we could arrive a day early and then our friends, Ed and Peggy to meet us there and help either push the car or jump the battery.’

Everything went fine, got the car going and we are off to a fabulous week with friends.

This is what our life is all about

Thursday, September 22nd, 2016

We are spending a few days in Port Orford Oregon with our great friends Ed and Peggy who we learned to square dance with 30 years ago!  They moved away to this tiny little place along the Oregon coast and we get to play here.  

Port Orford RV Village is a very nice, quiet park very near to Ed and Peggy with some very interesting art that makes the place special.  

This is next to our picnic table, for some reason it made me smile.  

Today I took a short walk and met Peggy at the quilt shop in town, Quilters Corner which has as much quilting materials and supplies as JoAnns!  Beautiful fabrics and everyone in the shop makes beautiful quilts.  I was inspired. Now I need to get my machine out and sew. 

We were wanting fresh crab, is there any other type???  So Ed takes Paul go down to the dock to see if any of the fishermen will sell them some and next thing Peg and I hear is they are crabbing off the dock for their own!  

Five beautiful crabs in about an hour!  So we boiled them, chopped up a salad and dinner is served.  We figure that was about $80 worth of crab and we got it for an hour of time from two guys that had nothing to do for the afternoon.  

Cold, Whalewatching and friends

Saturday, September 17th, 2016

Depot Bay

                                          Depot Bay

A planned day in Depot Bay turned out really great considering the fog was so thick when we got up this morning.  We drove the 1 hour south to Depot Bay to meet friends from our Square Dance days, Scott and Debbie.  They live in Newport, OR.  We met at Pacific Coffee and enjoyed catching up and of course the coffee.  It was pretty chilly so we collected our jackets, binoculars and camera and headed for a park to check out the whales.

The Grey Whales were feasting on the kelp in the bay and were putting on a very nice show.  Some of the whalewatching boats were right next to the whales that were breaching.  We enjoyed lots of spouts, slight breaching and a couple of fin waves.  Lots of fun.


The wavegraywhale2

Coming up for airgraywhale

Up close.  Their was one that came up right next to the rocks we were standing on.  I heard him before I saw him.  Very cool.graywhalespout

The spout

Denise and Debbie standing way closer to the edge than Paul would like!

Denise and Debbie standing way closer to the edge than Paul would like!

After the very nice nature show we headed to their home in Newport for some cards and more catchng up.  We think we have not seen each other in at least 20 years.

And then we went back to Depot Bay for a very nice fish dinner at the Tidal Raves overlooking the bay.  An excellent day.