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Palm Springs

Wednesday, January 26th, 2022

Been here but only to drive thru; this trip we stayed 2 weeks at a very nice RV park in Indio, Indian Waters RV Resort, that we thoroughly enjoyed.  Pickleball, water sports, cards, shows, breakfast on the patio and happy hour.  A very nice park with really nice people that spend the winter here from Canada, Washington, Oregon and California.  We will be back

We like some touristy things so we got tickets to ride the Palm Springs Tram:  Wow, what a view.

The tram ride up was very exciting and with my knees I was hurting by the time we reached the top.  So after arriving, checking the view we found the bar!  1 martini later I was ready to explore.   There are lots of trails with snow on the ground we stayed inside the lodge.

From the tram station at the top

The ride down was much smoother and I got a chair so my knees were very thankful.

Marilyn is forever in the heart of Palm Springs.  Paul enjoyed the view.

A piece of street art that I found interesting.  The puddle of water was part of the display.

We ended our day in Palm Springs at Stout Burgers and Beer.  Very good burgers and not too pricey.  The patio was very nice with the firepit tables.  Palm Springs was a very inviting downtown and next time I hope to be able to walk as there were lots of interesting shops and the people watching was the best.



Just a drive, enjoying the sunshine and views

Wednesday, January 26th, 2022

Coachella Valley view from a vista point on State Route 74.  The road is very twisty and you can see in this photo where we came from.  From this vista point I could see 5 golf courses.  They stand out because all around them is desert or a few homes.  We drove this road to the top and came around to Route 243  and came near Mt. San Jacinto, a very high peak.  We saw some snow on the ground and the views were beautiful although looking towards San Diego it was quite hazy.

We ending in Banning where we caught I10 back to Indio where we will be for the rest of the week.

A little warmer, but back in California

Thursday, January 20th, 2022

I saw we are in Palm Desert or Palm Springs but we are actually east of there in Indio. We usually only pass through here so this time we will actually ride the Palm Springs tram and see Joshua Tree NP.

We found a really nice, small park in Indio – Indian Waters RV park.  It’s a smaller park but what I really like is during the winter between most of the sites (ours included) there is really lush, green lawn that the painstakingly care for.  During the summer we are told it dies because it is just too hard to keep it green.  Glad we are here in the winter – in fact I would not have any interest in visiting in July.

We are enjoying the amenities everyday.  Paul plays pickle ball and I have been taking the water aerobics class.  You can actually get a descent work out if you push yourself and right now my knees only let me do exercise in the water.  I tried a petal bike for the chair and my knees were very angry.

We have also played card bingo, poker and had the free waffle breakfast.  Not really free as you paid well to get into this place.  It’s actually cheaper than what we have paid in Mesa.  Staying in CA is ok so far.

Joshua Tree NP.  I cannot walk far so this was definitely a driving tour.  I did get out and walk up to a few trees and rocks.  My big test was walking up the hill at Keys View.  Not far but uphill quite a bit from the parking lot. I made it but didn’t take any photos.  It was a beautiful day.

Teddy loves touring!

                                  Cholla Cactus Garden

There were many rock formations, this one above is the Split Rock! And then there were the trees!

The largest Joshua Tree (we think!)

Acres and Acres of these trees

Some Joshua Trees didn’t have much growth

                          Dead Tree

I actually walked up the hill to get a great view but it was hazy so I took this photo from the parking lot! I love to see people in nature, They were both on their phones! I guess the view wasn’t that good.

We ended our tour of Joshua Tree in the town of Joshua Tree and I found a bakery on Yelp that got rave reviews for their cookies and cakes.  The baker is a Fine Arts practiced so it sounded very promising.  The Fine Art Cookie company did not have an address on their website (a first clue) but Yelp gave directions.  We followed Yelp about 4 miles into a lovely desert neighborhood until it finally said you have arrived!  Either its not a real business our she is cooking in her kitchen.  We did not stop and cookies will have to be another day.

Back to the RV.  And the hot tub tonight.  I wake up very early each morning with the sunrise in my bedroom window, one of these morning I’ll get up and capture it to share.  We do like wintering in the desert.

Found Warmth

Thursday, January 13th, 2022

We set off on January 9, 2022 with the only idea was we were heading south to find some sunshine and warmth.  Even the coast was cold so we headed to the only place that consistently is warm in the winter, The Desert!

Why the desert is beautiful. Our first desert sunset

First stop is Las Vegas to enjoy the sunshine during the day and the lights at night – not really but we did see some lights when we went to Sams Town for dinner.  Angry Butcher.  It was very nice, not many people and the special was a TBone Steak with all the fixings for only $49.  Paul ordered it to my surprise.  I wanted the chocolate Martini for dessert so I only ordered a bowl of Lobster Stew and a short rib appetizer!  I never got the Martini because we had way too much food.  Next time.

While in Vegas Paul doesn’t just work we took in a couple tourist sites.  We rode the boat on Lake Mead to see Hoover Dam from the water side.

A very nice ride with a very generous Bloody Mary complete with olives, celery and bacon! Yumm.

After the boat we stopped in Boulder for lunch at Dillinger – An interesting find off the main strip.  The food was awesome and the staff was very kind.

Our last day in Vegas we took a suggestion from Pauls sister to see Meow Wolf.  Very different and because I can’t walk much Paul actually went with me.  We found the place which is inside Area 15.   Area 15 is a megaplex of entertainment mostly bars, lounges, they even have an axe throwing area that serves cocktails ( really??). Paul found where you pay, His comment was “$50 each, are you sure you want to do this?”  Well no, I have no idea what it is other than I know it’s not your usual museum or whatever they want to call it.  We paid and went inside what appears to be a small market.

                                         Deli Counter?

        Hmm, idea for my next party?

                                 A cheese board? easy!!!

We were not sure what we were suppose to do, read all the labels? Fill a basket with items to purchase?  Leave?  And then suddenly we saw someone enter the soda case….  And then you are in this whole new world.


We were not sure what we were suppose to do, read all the labels? Fill a basket with items to purchase?  Leave?  And then suddenly we saw someone enter the soda case….  And then you are in this whole new world.

Lights, slides, music, people wandering. There was way too much to look at!

I think you would need to visit this many times to really appreciate everything that is going on.  I’m not sure about it as something I really liked.  Paul loved it and I think he would go again.

        Paul really enjoyed the art

Outside Area 15 was a small sculpture garden.  And that is Las Vegas and Neveda, tomorrow we will be back in California enjoying a different kind of recreation – Palm Desert here we come.

Everywhere we are going masks are required and actually worn!

Happy 37 years of …..

Wednesday, April 28th, 2021

We did it!  We have made another year in this journey called life.  There have been so many adventures with lots of fun and many bumps but we made it.  37 years, 2 daughters, 2 granddaughters, 8 years houseless (which no one thought we could do it, even us!) and life keeps moving forward.

Paul picked our spot for dinner since we are in Texas and he is working so no big adventure this year but he found something that had promise.

Cooper’s. Maybe my family is from Katy, TX!

The food was plentiful, not the best but the beans were all you can eat along with White bread and Parkay!  I would give it 2 stars for effort and the ribs and beans were tasty.  I didn’t like the bbq sauce and to me it’s all about the bbq sauce.

Quarantine continues, Baby Lacey

Friday, June 12th, 2020

Life is moving very slow and interesting now.  Paul has headed out to finally get to visit dealers in the middle of the country while we are still locked down at home.  I am staying home and quarantining waiting for our second granddaughter to arrive in mid-June.  Amy is very nervous about this virus and June cannot come soon enough.

I am in San Jose as Amy was able to schedule inducing labor for June 11.  I will stay at home with Carrie and we will be the first and only family able to meet her once she is born.  They are fortunate that none of us have been ill or exposed so Nick will be able to be with her.

Friday morning Lacey Logan Carpenter entered our world.  She is beautiful and Carrie is so excited about her new baby.

                         GiGi is too!

New Puppy, quarantine

Saturday, May 30th, 2020

Our life will always be better because of Duke.  He was with us through all our years on the road and was so use to us roaming but last year on our trip to Florida he got sick and by the time we got home I thought we might lose him.  He had diabetes and once it was treated he was doing so good.  We returned from Europe to a happy, well adjusted puppy again but then in June he went blind and by the time we got home from yet another trip the vet was not able to restore his vision.  He was doing well, the diabetes was under control but between being blind and deaf during our winter escape to Arizona I knew he was just not the same dog.

We got home in March and right after quarantine started.  He was not interested in walking outside as I think he just didn’t remember SunCity, so we loved him and cared for him and in April we made the decision, it was time.

Paul was very sure he didn’t want another dog and wanted to wait at least a year. I was so bored with the shutdown and missing my buddy so much I started looking for a new baby.  It was difficult and I knew it would take some time but our friend Dennis had the sweetest Labradoodle that I started looking for the breed although Emma was way to large but I learned they had miniatures. I did some research and finally reached out to Emma’s breeder and it just so happened she had a litter with one remaining (not normal) so I finally convinced Paul and we went to Paseo Robles and brought Teddy home

He is the sweetest and hopefully one day Paul will love him as much as I do.  We are hopeful that he will be about 28-30 lbs at full grown.  Time will only tell all, but I am so happy!

I’m loving the sunshine!

Tuesday, January 14th, 2020

We arrived in Mission Bay on Sunday, me with a cold.  Boohoo!!!

Only a couple days but the sunshine is perfect.



FMCA Rally

Saturday, January 11th, 2020

We always want to go to Rally’s but usually you need to plan well in advance, something we are not really accustomed to.  So Paul decides he wants to go.  It this Wednesday and I want electricity because I just do not enjoy being packed in and then the guy next to you needs to run his generator all day so he can watch CNN!  I emails the contact and yes of course they have plenty of room so off to Palm Desert we go!

We spent 5 days in Indio enjoying the weather and learning (spending lots of money) and getting lots of ideas for the future.  Each evening they have entertainment with the first night BINGO!  I won, had to split it with 3 people but still we doubled our money.  There was a Brooks & Dunn tribute band that was pretty good.

Looked like them, didn’t totally get the sound but were really entertaining

There was a comedian that was very funny without any foul language so Paul and I were definitely fans.  And the last evening was a doo-wap acappella group that I really enjoyed.

We also attended several seminars.  Paul learned about LED lights, not sure how much more he needs to know! He also learned about replacing the batteries in the RV so we don’t need our generator any more!  I think we will be using the generator for awhile.  I learned about taking a caravan tour to Alaska and during the seminar realized that it’s not something we will do.  I takes 2 months minimum to really go all the way to Fairbanks and Paul is not even a little interested  so I’m looking into a one way cruise so we can see more Alaska.

And we replaced the awning which was torn off in Avila!  We didn’t like the one that was there and it didn’t want to be there as a small wind gust came up and completely ripped the awning out of its 3 tiny screws!

As far as rally’s go this one was really fun.  I wish we were more in a group because the rv groups that come together have a lot of extra activities, but then again we get all that fun in SunCity.



Happy 2020

Wednesday, January 1st, 2020

We missed the ball drop but the next morning was perfection.

Avila Beach continues to be one of my favorite places and we get to spend 3 whole days in paradise.

So I don’t have any new New Years Resolutions but will continue to work on the ones from years past; be kind to strangers and yes family! Eat more healthy and exercise.  All doable but somehow it always takes a backseat.  My resolution for this year will be to try harder.

As always Avila delivered on beautiful weather and a great start to 2020!