Another week bites the dust

Here it is Labor Day Weekend and I am finally getting around to keeping everyone up to date on my where abouts!

Last weekend we went to Fresno and Hanford for a much needed visit to my parents and to see Stephanie’s new apartment.  It was HOT, but that is not news- it is the central valley!  Paul helped Stephanie with some projects to get her settled in that hopefully help with her studies- yea right, we helped install surround sound, a grass area for Allie to pee when Stephanie forgets to let her out and fix her bike so when she is out of money she still has transportation.  I helped organize her closet which looks beautiful now.

Tuesday night we went to the local bar “Tugs” for Taco Tuesday and some pool.  Paul played; I drank margaritas!

This week Paul and I went to San Jose on Wednesday for some work and then out to dinner with friends and to Square Dancing which we hadn’t done since Arizona in February.  It was a little rocky but really fun and I wish we could get out more and go. 

Thursday night was fun- Amy and I went into San Francisco and saw the play “Wicked”  It was really good.  I find it interesting that they can take a very old fairy tale and make it seem like you are watching the story for the first time.  Well worth the time and expense.

Labor Day is a big holiday here on the Delta; a kind of last escape before winter.  The park is full but amazingly quiet.  Lots of drinking and partying.  We are a little on the fringes but it is still fun to watch.  Stephanie came last night to visit for the weekend and we will probably do something fun. 

Have a great Labor Day Weekend.

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