Bethel Island California

It has been a very busy week; we enjoyed a few more days at Diamond Lake OR with our friends, drove back to California and settled in at Sugar Barge RV Resort in the Delta.  We got here on Friday August 7 shortly before our two daughters arrived to spend the night with us.  They were only here until Saturday and we attended our neighbors wedding Saturday before both girls had to return to jobs in San Jose.  We came back to the Bay Area so that we could spend some time with both girls and now finding time is really difficult between our volunteer hours and their jobs but we will make the most of the rest of the summer. Stephanie returns to Fresno in 2 short weeks for her Senior year of college.

The wedding on Saturday was for Katie Lawry who is Stephanie’s age and we have known the family longer than we lived across the street so it was fun to see her so beautiful as a bride.  I still vision the girls playing dress up in the front yard but then I look at them and they are all beautiful grown ups looking forward to great things as adults.  Congratulations Katie and her mom & dad too!

Sugar Barge RV Resort is located on Bethel Island in the Delta.  The closest town (5 miles) is Brentwood.  We are enjoying the Delta breezes that keep the mosquitos down and the heat lower.  Today was unbelievably hot until about 6 pm when the breeze finally kicked in.  If you want to escape the heat please give us a call and come visit us on the Delta – we might even be able to rent a boat or kayak or pedal boat and enjoy the river a little.

I almost forgot – our trip back to California from Oregon took us through a nice little town that had one tourist shop, The Weed store!  Weed, CA is a real place and they are enjoying the name as they have signs, shirts, shot glasses, etc.  all with Weed on them!  The most popular shirt was “I love WEED, CA”  I got a different one that refered to “WEED Brownie Company” cause we all know how much I like Brownies!

We will be at Sugar Barge until November 1st so put us back on your call schedule for fun times in the Bay Area!

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