Dolphins and more

All the family left on Monday and now we are back to living in our RV along the California coast.  Amy comes and visits during the day while her and her college friends go “one last time” to each of their hangouts each evening- tonight is Sushi Bombs!  I think that is what she said!  They go have Sushi, sitting on the floor and drink Saki dropped into their beers by banging on the table.  Usually I wish I could be in college again but this one I don’t think so!

Last night we saw a big group of Dolphins feeding right along the shoreline here and this afternoon Amy and I saw some more.   Tonight they were there again.  Tomorrow I think I will bring my camera!  They are beautiful.

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    Hey, I’m checking in even though you’re in California! How grown up Amy is–Congratulations!! On Vegas, if we go, Mark will have to escort us 🙂