Goats on the Roof?

“Goats on the Roof” When you see this in the sites to see you have to go there!  It’s a little tourist trap and there were only 2 goats on the roof, one of which I could see but the market underneath was amazing!  It was a little bit Trader Joe’s, Cost Plus and toss in a bit of 7-11 with a little cafeteria on the side.  Some things were priced really cheap and very original.  You could go broke in here buying unique things.  The only thing I was disappointed in is they did not have a selection of Goat Cheeses.

Goat on the Roof!

Part of the complex had of course an Ice Cream shop with a really long line and a couple Hippie type stores and one Surfer Store.  It was an interesting spot; one I would put in the column, OK to miss!

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