Bryce Canyon National Park



Grand Canyon is spectacular; Arches National Park is interesting; Bryce Canyon is brilliant.  What a beautiful Canyon and the park is also really nice.  Much smaller than Grand Canyon and definitely less traffic than Yosemite but this Park has the most beautiful formations to look at.  We just kept saying this is perfect.  I think the biggest reason I say it is better than Grand Canyon is you can actually get up close and personal with the HooDoo’s.  HooDoo’s are the rock formations formed from millions of years of nature. There are no more words for this park, just enjoy the photos and wish you could be here with us!






Walking among the HooDoo's

Walking among the HooDoo's


3 Responses to “Bryce Canyon National Park”

  1. Candy Tyner says:

    We definately want to go to see these wonderful places. Thanks so much for telling everyone about it.


  2. says:

    We spent a week visiting Bryce and Zion while staying in a group site at Kadochrome east of Bryce for our 2005 family reunion. It was all very unique and colorful.

    Barb, B, K ( & P) & S

  3. says:

    Katie brought home her/Stephanie R. bed with our truck. We need to bring it in and move it upstairs. Brian says “I miss Paul”, and it’s becoming a bit of a refrain.
    We’re looking forward to spending time with you guys.
    Safe travels! B & B