From Port McNeill to Alert Bay to Port McNeill to Sointula to Port McNeill and back to Alder Bay RV Park

Wednesday was a lazy, wet day so we stayed inside mostly doing STUFF!  Not my favorite kind of day but the rain just would not stop long enough to do anything, Thursday was supposed to be better so we decided to ride the ferry to Alert Bay where there is a Reserve for First Nation peoples.  They have 1/2 the island and the other half is small vacation homes.  A very quiet island and the only way to get there is by boat.  We can see most of it from our campsite across the bay.

The harbor was small but I found these interesting

We enjoyed a coffee and caught the next ferry back to Port McNeill only to do a turn around and ride the same ferry out to Sointula and Malcolm Island which is a bigger island right next to Alert Bay.  A bigger Island with a lot more vacation homes and a couple campgrounds.

Going in Circles


This fun stuff was right on the beach where at times the whales come to scratch on the pebbles.  No whales today but there were a lot of campers here.  Now that is remote camping.  There isn’t much to do here other than fish, read and a little hiking.  We are not getting much hiking in as Duke is just not comfortable on the leash any more with his loss of sight.  He is still very happy and has energy just places he doesn’t know he doesn’t trust.  Walks very carefully so we are finding other things to do.  Besides today the sky opened up even more than yesterday and it just would not stop raining.

That is the welcoming sign at one of the homes in the area!  We did find some real wildlife, this little baby was so cute and mama was giving him some space. They didn’t run off too quickly so we enjoyed them for a few minutes.

Then the main event for me today was I spotted this eagle on a rock right on the beach.  I have seen many in the area but this one was just there and so was I.  I have never seen one so close nor had one take flight.

GOT IT!  Check that off my bucket list.

Speaking about bucket lists, I find that when I get a check it just doesn’t feel like enough.  I want more of what I just experienced.  Now that this bird flew I keep watching the others forever wishing them to go!!!

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