The adventure continues

Before we left for Europe we dropped the Van off at a dealership as a trade-in and ordered our newest RV.  A 2020 Jayco Melbourne Prestige 24KP was scheduled to arrive May 24th.  That didn’t happen so we searched the internet and found a 2019 Jayco Melbourne Prestige 24KP  and after careful thought we sent a deposit and then picked it up in Bakersfield June 3.  Its cozy but way more spacious than the van and we can pull our car.  This is going to give us much more flexibility on the road and help when Paul wants to work and Duke and I need somewhere to hang out.

We had our first quick trip in it to San Jose where we parked in front of Stephanie’s new home and spent the weekend moving her in.  We did take a break and enjoyed Saturday with the kids and went to one of Paul’s favorite activities, Roaring Camp Railroad.


The RV worked wonderfully and today when we got home we set it up for towing.  Paul got it all ready and we hopped in for a test ride.  First mistake!  Lots of noise!  Something is not right!  We get out and the hitch has come undone from the RV and the hitch is shoved up under the RV!

If you look closely to the bumper below the taillight you can see a memory making mark!  After some forward and back movements  in both the Car and the RV and a large hammer we got it disconnected and hooked up correctly and the test drive went well.  We are on our way to Canada in July.

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