Walked 7 miles and 16 flights of stairs – Part 1

Up early and out to see more Paris.  We took the Metro the Seine River to take a morning tour just to get a taste of the City.  Found the cruise pier and then we had time so we found breakfast!  Yesterday our croissant and coffees were 7 e, today we got table service, real cups and 4 croissants for a mere 25 e!  Thats what you get for just sitting down and ordering.  Oh well



Paul did think the cup with two handles was fun!

The Seine runs right thru the middle of Paris with many attractions on both sides.  The boats above were a few of the many parked along the banks.  We only saw a couple tour boats while we were out.  We passed the Lourve, many bridges

This is the Orsay Museum which was built as a train station that was built for the Worlds fair in 1900.  Today it houses many works by the Impressionist.

And  then our first site of the Eiffel Tower.  It didn’t seem that big or tall although it is definitely taller than anything else around the city.

Eiffel Tower

Just past the tower our boat turned around and headed past the starting point.  Our guide spoke in French and then in English with the same voice, sometimes it was hard to understand her but she made sure we knew we did.  We saw lots more bridges, Paris has 37 bridges in all and Paul thought we must have seen all 37!  Some were old, some brand new and some with lots of carvings from the period they were built.  And then we came to the main reason I wanted to take the cruise.  Notre Dame de Paris

It doesn’t look anything like it did a week ago but it is still very beautiful and someday it will be back among the major attractions in Paris.

                                                                                  In this photo you can see the round medallion in the point has been burned out.

This is the view showing the side where most of the damage is and the melted scaffolding is.  The guide did not talk at all about the fire and no one asked,  It was oddly silent.  Paul and I thought we might go there and tour what you can of the grounds but after seeing this we decided we did not want to go.  Next trip!!!

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