Good-Bye Branson, Hello Kansas

We were up early this am so that we could get on the road by noon.  We have been here in Branson for 3 months and there was some cleaning on the RV that needed taken care of before hitting the road.  There has been so much rain and wind that our awnings were a mess so Paul got on the ladder and washed them down.  We were ready to hit the road just after noon and it was time to say good-bye to our new friends.  We will miss everyone but we will be back soon and I am so looking forward to seeing everyone at home.  We will take 2 weeks to get to Santa Barbara and I am going to have to hold myself back from trying to rush the driving!

Our first stop on our trip home was to Burlington, Kansas to visit my friend, Annie’s mom!  She has a beautiful home on the river with plenty of space for our home.


We arrived around 7 pm and had time to look around the property before dark.  It is really peaceful here and we could stay awhile and just settle into the little town.  Stephanie wasn’t so sure about the smallness of the town even though the neighbor had several beautiful horses as well as a baby!

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