Maintenance Items and then off to more fun stuff!

Once in awhile you have to take care of regular stuff when you spend a lot of time on the road.  This weekend we found somewhere to change the oil and get new tires for the van!  55k miles was all the tires were willing to give.  We arrived in Knoxville for the first appointment at Big O and I did laundry while the new tires were being added.  It worked out really well because it was raining really hard in the am but the weather said things would be clearing by noon.  So after we had new tires, clean clothes and a few more groceries we headed towards Nashville.

Dukes favorite part is when we find a nice spot of grass!

Our next destination is Natchez Parkway NP  that goes from south of Nashville all the way to Natchez Mississippi!  But before that we will do a little tasting on The Jack Trail.  We chose two distilleries and both were impressive.


                            George Dickel Distilleries

The only one I really liked was one that is not readily available!  That’s ok, I prefer Vodka.  The tour was very impressive and the hollow the distillery was beautiful.

George Dickel found a beautiful location to Distill his Whisky

On to the big guy!  Jack Daniels.  We didn’t have reservations so we could only get into the tour without samples!  I’m not a whisky lover so i’ll save my sippin for something else.  The whole town of Lynchburg is all about Jack Daniels.  I did find a small tasting room for wine – passed on it to because all they had was sweet wines.  And then I found a spot for whisky tasting for flavored whisky’s.  The bad news was before I paid I got the first sample of lemon and it tasted like cough syrup so the nice girls said “you probably won’t like any of them!”  Saved myself $10 and a bottle of something I really didn’t want!

black residue on all the buildings is from the burning wood that is part of the process in Tennessee Whisky!

Mr. Jack Daniels



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