Great Smokey Mountains

We were here 4 years ago and hit the peak of fall!  The colors were spectacular and then it snowed and it was all gone.  We were hoping for a repeat but we only saw the beginning which was beautiful but nothing like before.  This park is very popular and crowded in the main areas.  We tried a different area, a little out of the park and it was busy too but not as much.  This is a park that would be best during the week.

We spent our first day exploring Deep Creek which is outside the main park of the park and quite beautiful.  We took a short hike and saw a couple more waterfalls.

A Small waterfall after a short hike.

Then we stopped in Bryson City but I didn’t want to shop too much because I was looking forward to Gatlinburg on the other side of the National Park.  I had decided that this time I was going to shop!  What a disappointment.  Gatlinburg is right next to Pigeon Forge and is one big amusement park.  All there is here are gift shops and chain stores!  Should have stayed in Bryson City!  Next trip

Gatlinburg at night! It was beautiful looking down from the park

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