On the way to the Airport

Stephanie left San Jose yesterday at 11 am and arrived in Springfield, MO at 9 pm central time.  Her flights went perfectly with no delays.  The first connection was in San Diego and she had 50 minutes to get from the American Eagle terminal to the American terminal which involved a bus ride- got to her gate just as they were loading! Perfect timing.  The next connection was actually easier in Dallas.  She had to change terminals again however Dallas has the people moving down and she had plenty of time.  

I can’t say things went as well on our end!  The little town of Springfield has a new airport but no one knows it yet!  I get directions from the Springfield airport website, American and leave them at home.  No problem, Paul has GPS!  Wrong.  We get to the airport at 9 pm, in the middle of nowhere, we can see the runway lights so everything is good!  Wrong.  Enter the airport, no cars, few lights, and then a construction sign that says “Airport, take Alliance to Division”  What the hell is Alliance and how will that get me to Division?  We circle the airport, no other information.  Paul decides maybe it is road names, enters Alliance into the GPS, and it finds something!  We drive 2 miles down the road to enter this airport and there is a big permanent sign for the New Airport right before a street called Alliance!  The odd thing is there was not a sign coming into the airport telling you that there was a new airport nor any signs that indicated that you needed to turn!  Love the midwest.

The good news is Stephanie had to wait for them to unload her carry on bag from the holding bay and we arrived just as she was coming thru the terminal.

Nice, fancy new terminal – maybe now that the old airport is closed they will move the construction sign to “Alliance” with an arrow pointing in the direction of the airport?

Stephanie is here and I am so happy.  She is sleeping on the couch right now!  She better get up soon or she will miss all the excitement here in Branson!

We will be in CA in 15 days!  Look out.

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