Adventures to the Great Northeast

Paul is from way up north in New York and has always told me about life in the winter, the reason he came to California.  We visit often to Old Forge which is where he lived after high school, but only in the summer!  He still has a sister and brother living here.  It is beautiful in the summer, kind of like Lake Tahoe but much smaller.  We have never come in the winter, mostly because the weather is very unpredictable.  The town is big in snowmobiles when they get snow and summer being on the water is perfect (although cold).

We had no plans for this winter other than the usual, go to Arizona and Texas in February so when Paul told me that Niagara Falls had frozen I said “Lets go!”)  I have no idea about winter, the coldest I have ever experienced is about 17 degrees  and I hated it.  Yes, this is a stretch and not easily done on a whim but if you want to see the falls you need to hurry because it doesn’t usually happen and if they get a warm snap its all over.

Paul winterized the van and I cancelled and rearranged the calendar and borrowed what I could of winter wear and Monday in the rain we headed east.  We made it to Little America, Wyoming the first night after only 14 hours of driving.  We have to stop more often because since the van is winterized we cannot use the facilities.  That means pee only in emergencies, brushing our teeth with Crystal Geyser, and washing up with wet ones!

Our second day the weather started warming up and we made it to about 50 miles out from Omaha.  Then I start looking at the weather more closely for the New York area and see they are having a warming trend!  By Wednesday I’m figuring we will see the falls just like we saw them in September!  There is no snow anywhere and we do not need these boots, hats, scarves and coats we rustled up to come here.  Oh well, life is an adventure and we will get to see some of Paul’s family on this trip so all is not lost.  Maybe we can rent golf clubs and play instead of snowmobile?

Wednesday is more of the same and another 14 hour day.  It’s looking pretty dreary but the forecast for Niagara is good!  It’s going to get snow and the temps are going to drop.  We have been driving for 3 days on the interstate, not interesting at all so all we have is each other and of course Facebook.  Thank god for cell phones and Facebook!  Today was probably the hardest day all around!  I’m tired of sitting, Duke is tired of not getting to play fetch and Paul, well Paul is just trying to get us to Niagara Falls.  Nebraska, Illinois, Ohio, they all look alike and if you get on a Toll road even the service areas are the same, same gas, same Tim Hortons, Pizza and McDonalds.  Tonight we sleep on the thruway.  Very exciting as they have Starbucks in Ohio and it is only 50 feet from my door!  Grande Nonfat Latte to go!

Thursday we arrive in Niagara Falls near dark and it is still 50 degrees and raining!  Not good for frozen falls and snow.  By 9 pm it is freezing and we have to climb into bed!  This van is like a tiny metal box, do not dare touch the sides.  We cuddle in the middle of the bed and doze off.  About 11:30 someone has to pee!  That’s exciting in itself but then Paul opens the blinds above the bed and we have solid ice on the inside of the window!  This is like sleeping in an igloo!  We have electricity because we are parked in an RV dealers lot and our little electric heater is trying its best!  Even the furnace is working.  It is so cold but under the down comforter I am actually sweating a bit, off comes the socks and long underwear.  The problem with that is getting up!  The thermostat says 55 inside but my body says no way.  it’s getting cold and snow is predicted.

Friday we wake up to lots of snow and very cold!  Paul works and Duke and I hang out.  Friday night we park the RV because more snow is coming.  We walk the 1/2 mile to a great spot with a Fish Fry.  Tomorrow is suppose to be clear and cold.


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