A Holiday?

We will be spending this Memorial Day weekend doing what we have most others only this time we were the first to arrive at the park.  We were early!

We spent today hanging out on our patio playing games and this evening was a walk around the park getting to know our new neighbors.  Tomorrow we will BBQ and probably again on Sunday.  Just another weekend of camping.

Happy Memorial Day,

See you all next month!

3 Responses to “A Holiday?”

  1. dwoods@fenwick.com says:

    I think this is really going to work this time.

    Have a great day! di

  2. Denise says:

    This is too cool that you are commenting thru the blog! Now I will have to actually check and see who is blogging me.

  3. dwoods@fenwick.com says:

    It would be nice if I got an alert when you responded. When I went to the blog the comment section said you had two. One was mine and the other was your response. I suppose the whole world can read our comments so we need to be nice 🙂 Now you have a 3rd comment. I’ve officially blogged for my first time! Take care, di