Dingle Way Day 3, 20 km and rain

Yesterday when we checked in, our innkeeper Brian says tomorrow is going to be awful and he suggests stopping in Lispole which is 1/2 way and hoping on the bus to Dingle.  The first half is mostly on paved country roads and the second 1/2 is through farms!  And the forecast is for rain with 30-40 mile an hour winds.  I’m thinking this sounds good but when I wake up today I’m thinking I feel pretty good, yesterday was fun and my boots did dry out, plus we are taking a day off in Dingle so we should be ok.

Cindy and I talk during breakfast and decide we will take the info about rides and put the rain gear on and head out.

Looks like yesterday!

Right away we have the rain pants and raincoats on but have to put the ponchos on.  The drizzle is very heavy.

Air conditioning

These guys were too cute, the mom would let us pet her but she was definitely looking for a treat.  Cindy gives her a hard butterscotch candy.


Another castle over looking storm beach.

Things are going ok. It’s raining and we can’t see much but the ground is pretty solid. But then the rain is getting heavy and my back begins to hurt!  Great, just when I’m thinking I can do this for real.  By the time we hit Luspole which is our 1/2 way point I’m in pain, and it really wasn’t that much fun Cindy says we are getting the bus to Dingle.  We check with the lady running the store (the only business in Lispole) and she says there isn’t anywhere to really wait and the bus doesn’t show up for two hours.  I’ll call the cab for you.  He will be here soon and charge 12 euros!  Perfect.

We arrive at our B & B just after our luggage arrives!  We meet a couple of ladies that were at our last place.  We didn’t know but they walked the day before and chose to ride with the luggage!

A nap, rest my back and we are off to have a drink.  They are having a folk festival here this weekend so we will get out for some nightlife!  Good thing I took a nap cause the music doesn’t start till 9:30 pm.

Irish coffee, mybefore dinner cocktail today!  Perfect for the weather because now they say we have a hurricane heading for us on Monday!


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